Las Mañanitas


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It's hard to believe that a month ago I celebrated my 30th birthday in Punta del Este, Uruguay with my nearest and dearest Argie pals. It seems so long ago, yet like yesterday, so much happens in my world so quickly. Above are some photos of the my dear friend Tobi's families country home. This was my second visit to the farm and its always a pleasure. I spent the week jumping in the pool, laying in the hammock and adventuring with my pals. Such a lovely time, take me back. Amigos, te extraño mucho xxx


  1. Did you visit any other place in Uruguay? As an uruguayan I would love to see the photos!

  2. Leslie in Oregon2/3/15, 2:59 AM

    It looks like my idea of heaven...Thank you, Nicole.

  3. I want to live there!
    Gorgeous photos and happy belated bday Nicole!

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos, it really looks like a great and beautiful place to stay in and relax! xx

  5. What a beautiful place and what gorgeous photographs as always. I want to go to every place you photograph, because you make it so appealing. I rarely post, but LOVE your photos!! Thanks for sharing such beauty!

  6. This looks so beautiful! I love how you've captured the place. Looks like you had a fantastic birthday celebration in Uruguay :)

    Characters & Carry-ons

  7. Just surfing the web and saw one of your picture, just had to look at the rest. I am a Port Macquarie Photographer and I feel that the way you have captured everything, you are now one of my favorite photographers.



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