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This is long overdue post. I was in LA back in August, WTF! Where has the time gone? This year went by at light speed. I cant believe I am already planning my end of the year trips. Anyway, I was in LA for almost a week visiting some pals and exploring. My pal Eva, guide extraordinaire made sure I saw a ton of things that were on my list and then some. LA is sprawling there is no doubt about it and everything tends to revolve around the traffic. Its pretty typical that you wont see your pals very often if you live on the east side and they on the west. Its pretty similar to how I don't see my friends that live in the Upper West Side, oh wait I don't have any friends that live on the Upper West :P

There are GREAT shops in LA and truly DELICIOUS food. I really loved the Arts District, Abbot Kinney in Venice and parts of Downtown. We visited Malibu for the beach of course. Below are some my favs from the trip.


Gjelina - Venice

Intelligentisia - Venice

Zinc - Arts District

Sqirl Kitchen - Silverlake

The Hart and the Hunter - at The Palihouse in Beverly Hills

Eggslut - Downtown LA

Grand Central Market - Downtown LA

La Chapter and The Ace Hotel- Downtown LA

The Pie Hole - Arts District


General Store - Venice

Toms Flagship - Venice

Matteo Home Furnishings - Arts District

Poketo - Arts District

Alchemy Works - Arts District

Lake Boutique - Silverlake

Lawson Fenning - Silverlake

Broome Street General Store - Silverlake

For a more extensive list check this out, you can only do so much in a week ;)


  1. Love, love, love all of this! It might have something to do with that I'm a native Los Angeleosa, now living in New York, so this post has made me miss everything even more. I haven't even been to all those stores, so hopefully my next trip out I'll be able to visit them.

    Thanks for sharing!

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