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So get this, you know how the world is really small? It always blows my mind on just how small it really is. Back in the day (10 years ago) I used to live on a small island in the Caribbean. I worked in a fancy smancy restaurant and went to the beach during the day. Then one day this beautiful young lady walked in the door. Long brown hair braided to her butt, earrings shaped like cherries in freshly pressed chef whites. She was the new pastry chef in straight off the boat (literally the boat) from Napa Valley. I worked with Ann for a year or so, our paths continued to cross and we kept in touch. Her and I both have lived many lives and traveled around. She now resides in Charleston and makes beautiful jewelry. Then sometime last year I stumbled across the insane photos Brian Ferry took for Voices of Industry. I was in awe of the color palette and light he captured in the shots. I pinned a couple photos and my good old pal Ann wrote me and said "That's my sister!" I had no idea she even had a sister.

So here we are. When I was in San Francisco last May I went and visited her studio on a whim. Her beautiful space is in Heath's Tile Factory in the Mission. Only a few creatives have the privilege of calling those spaces their home. Adele Strafford makes hand woven textiles off a loom, made with variety of domestic fibers. They are so luxurious and beautiful. Learn more and view her online shop here.


  1. Beautiful work Nicole......and I'm so flattered! xo

  2. Amazing. It really is a small world. These photos are beautiful and what a space!

  3. blush blush grin grin!
    so excited that this will continue....xxxxx

  4. Oh my goodness! Those shirts are absolutely stunning! And I'm continually reminded how small the world is. Which is comforting, somehow...

  5. Unlike a painter, who is in direct contact with his subject and his canvas, a photographer is separated from his subject by the camera and from his "canvas" by computers and printers. But that doesn’t means he is less artistic.



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