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Earlier this month I stopped in Los Angeles for a week before heading up to San Francisco. During my time there it was my good friend Eva's birthday. We chartered a sail boat out of Marina del Rey and sailed up the coast towards Malibu. We had unusual weather for LA and it felt as though we were somewhere on the east coast. That morning I said out loud "How amazing would it be if we saw dolphins?" Never expecting it to actually happen, until all of the sudden we spotted a huge pod of dolphins not too far away. Soon enough our boat was sailing alongside, my feet dangling off the bow. They were so close I could almost touch them. I truly cant remember another moment I was so happy, it was spiritual and I've never felt so close to nature. We were all like giddy school children, clapping and yelling in excitement. I don't really have the words to describe it other then in an instant I questioned my entire existence on this planet. I wanted to give up everything I've worked for and go on to become a marine biologist, a childhood dream of mine. Nothing else seemed to matter. So many things became clear to me on this last trip, gotta love how travel will do that. Showing you the way. I had the most beautiful day with the most special people.

Check out this video I took of the dolphins to really live the expierence <3


  1. seriously beautiful post.

  2. we really had the best day and I'm so glad you were here. xo

  3. These are all beautiful shots. Looks like a fun day in addition to spotting dolphines too.

    Spring Living | Greenwich Village

  4. Lovely. That sounds like a fantastic time!

  5. Beautiful pictures and beautiful post. Traveling can do wonders for the soul.

  6. Come to Florida and I'll take you out in a kayak where you'll be a foot away from dolphins. :) Lovely photos!

  7. Same as you once I also had a chance when I felt myself so close to the nature. It was the time when I was in Niagara Falls with new york bus tours. I spent there; full day with my wife and had lots of fun there. To enjoy the beautiful scenery of waterfalls and splashes of fall was amazing; while experience through the Maid of Mist boat tour. Now your blog post reminded me the time that I spend there. I never that experience because every moment that I spent there was memorable.



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