Philly in 36 Hours










I was in Philly for a couple days. I had pretty much an afternoon to visit some shops and eat. Whenever I travel, I get recommendations from locals and friends so that I'm prepared. No time to waste on crappy food and tourist traps. I recommend the following based on the few hours I had to walk around while I wasn't working :) I'll be back to explore more, until next time Philly.

Vagabond | 37 N3rd St.
Cutest boutique around, got myself in some trouble in there. Great selection of clothes, be sure to check out their vintage collection in the back.

Art in the Age | 116 N3rd St.
Menswear primarily, a great selection of goods including some of my pals (Morris Kitchen and Blades Natural Beauty). Snap is delicious!

Moon & Arrow | 754 S4th St.
A great mix of vintage clothing, used furniture, jewelry and home goods.

Zahav | 237 Saint James Place
Based on everyones recommendations, this middle eastern restaurant did not disappoint. Hummus, labne, yummy salads, fresh baked bread. Nom.

La Colombe Coffee | 130 S19th St.
One of my favorite coffee distributors :)


  1. beautiful photography and the places are amazing! I love the boutique!

  2. stunning! I absolutely love, red brick buildings and old doors!

  3. you've captured such amazing photographs! i feel like i'm floating away in philly too. xx

  4. za'hav is one of my favorite restaurants. also in Philly - AMIS - a Marc Vetri restaurant, so excellent!
    - Michelle

  5. Beautiful! Next trip not to be missed: Wexler Gallery-great contemporary art ( 201 N 3rd St) and The National Liberty Museum!

  6. Philly never looked better!

  7. The architecture is amazing! I can't wait to visit Philly and attend some jazz concerts!

  8. LOOOOVE the places..are amazing!!!
    Bye, Marzia

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  10. The photographs you took make Philly look so inviting. I've never really contemplated traveling to Philly -- for one, I don't live near and two, it just never occurred to me! ^.^ After your post, I feel like I should read into Philly and see what it's all about! Looks like a nice place to visit!

    Wonderful blog!

  11. This is just the tip of the iceberg! So much more to see, do and EAT in Philly. Love your photographs! Thank you fro capturing my beloved city so beautifully.

  12. This color scheme is gorgeous! The dusty cobblestone blues and red bricks look great together. Your photos are a great inspiration for seeing beauty in natural city life. Thanks also for the list of great coffee places in Philly, will check it out when I get a chance to visit :)

  13. oh my gosh, i haven't been to Philly in YEARS! Must get back there. thanks for the recommendations.

  14. these are so beautiful! I especially loved the three different textures on the pic with the green door. NICE!!
    ash @sn4g



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