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I think its about time that I start compiling some lists! As I mentioned before I walked all of Paris by foot making all the important stops along the way. Here were some of my highlights.

Merci - The happiest place in the world for the design and interior obsessed. This beautiful home goods store is a must on my list. Grab a coffee in their beautiful cafe amongst the walls of books.

11 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75004 Paris, France
Tel: +33 1 42 77 01 90

Cuisse de Grenouille - This awesome surf shop / coffee joint combo is new to Paris I think. A take off NYC's Saturdays or Lost. I love this mash up. Sip on a cortado while you browse boutique surf wear, books and small home goods. I need one of their Surf in Paris sweatshirts.

5 Rue Froissart, 75003 Paris, France
Tel: +33 1 83 56 01 20

Astier de Villatte - These stunning handmade ceramics are a true luxury. I often stare at the Astier de Villatte corner at ABC Home in NY in awe. Their boutique store in Paris is a must. Known for their paper thin ceramics painted in a light white glaze. They also make scented candles, beauty products and furniture.

173 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris, France
Tel: +33 1 42 60 74 13

Télescope Café
Adorable third wave coffee shop, serving up your #dailycortados. I felt right at home here.

5 Rue Villedo, 75001 Paris, France
Tel +33 1 42 61 33 14

Rose Bakery - Carrarini opened Rose Bakery, a small Anglo-French bakery, shop, and restaurant, in Paris with her husband Jean-Charles in 2002, with the aim of serving fresh, simple, and healthy food. Rose's philosophy and approach to food proved extremely popular and there are now branches of Rose Bakery in London, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, and Tel Aviv. Try the quiche. Love her book How to Boil an Egg.

30 Rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris, France
Tel +33 1 49 96 54 01

Le Marché des Enfants Rouges - A great covered market, similar to Chelsea Market in New York. Eat a from a wide variety of different vendors with cuisines from around the world. Go for lunch, they also have some great produce stalls and speciality food shops. There is this great French guy who makes these amazing sandwiches and crepes. He claims "I make the best sandweech in Paris!" its quite the show to watch him (pictured above) His sandwiches are loaded with meats, cheese and veg, all local of course and thrown on the griddle.

39 Rue de Bretagne 75003 Paris, France

More to come.
You can view and save my full Paris list on Foursquare.


  1. I love your blog, Paris too

  2. que delicia de imágenes....

  3. It's a different Paris because you're a special photographer.
    I admire your work.

  4. I see some of your favorites are some of my own. Dreaming every single day of the moment I get to return...

  5. enjoying all of your lovely Paris photos!

  6. yum yum yum those figs look so large and juicy!

  7. SUCH a marvelous list. Merci is one of my favorite little shops on earth. Love your lists, Nic. Big hugs and sorry I missed you this trip, but see you soon no doubt. xo

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  10. Right ! I wish I could be there…. In the meantime, I am just pinning the pictures …



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