Paris | Part One







Friends, sorry for the neglect. I don't want to do a mega post on Paris for a number of reasons... for one, its overwhelming and I know I dont personally enjoy reading super long posts and two, its too much darn work to compile. So I hope you dont mind that this will be short and sweet ;)

Paris was lovely, just as expected. I felt amongst my people seeing that I wasn't the only one with a croissant stuffed in my face as I walked down the street. I explored all day, everyday. I avoided heavily touristy areas and hit the streets, visited cafes, boutiques and restaurants. Just how I like to travel. There were highlights of course, like that amazing cheese coated in cracked black pepper from Androuet (like... life changing and I eat ALOT of cheese), the juiciest roasted chicken I've ever had from Boucherie du Bac and damn those fresh figs. Parisians are so damn classy and effortlessly chic, they make me jealous. More to come. Paris part one.


  1. This city is so freaking photogenic, too. Can't wait to hear more of how you spent your time in Paris!

  2. Great photos. I think Paris is my favourite city - mostly because I don't feel bad about eating croissant every morning for breakfast when I'm there!

  3. These are just gorgeous! Can't wait for the second instalment!

  4. Nicole, your photos are just gorgeous! I am going to Paris in November and can't wait to try some of your recs!

  5. Sounds so lovely!!! I miss Paris and all that good food so much! Also sounds like you picked the best way to do Paris — with lots of walks and cafés and tourist dodging — the best!
    Also...GORGEOUS photos!

  6. Hello Nicole, I'm just a fan of your blog,
    Me and my friends have a blog and I just talked about yours.
    If you wanna go and see it is
    Thank you for your wonderful photos!!

  7. You seem to allow every photo to speak volumes through their expression. Really loving and being inspired by your work. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Love that beautiful building, the photos are really beautiful!


  9. thsoe oysters look incredible! i could definitely go for a plate of a dozen right now. and black pepper coated cheese? i must try that. please keep uploading paris photos - even if you don't have it in you to write - i would love to see more! i miss paris, obviously.

  10. That's funny, one of your biggest fan is actually working at Androuet (the one in rue de Cambronne). I don't know which shop you visited but she would have been amazed if she had known you were a customer !

    1. I wish I had known! I love cheese :) I went to the one on Rue de Verneuil.



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