Spring Baked Eggs


Spring Baked Eggs | Nicole Franzen

Spring Baked Eggs | Nicole Franzen

It was coming down hard on Friday, water flooded the streets. The first of Spring's many storms was upon us. Word on the street was that ramps had arrived. I threw on my wellies and braved the outdoors with excitement. "It's been a late Spring I thought" as I browsed my photo archives comparing the years prior. I'd waited all winter long for this moment. My heart pounded as I searched the farmer's stalls, "Ramps?!? Ramps?!", no sign yet. I then stumbled upon a very modest basket of the season's first ramps, already picked over. "Damn, they were earlier then me, those vultures." Only the hardcore get the first pickings of ramps. I ventured on and discovered a beautiful pile of untouched Spring garlic, glistening in the rain's dew. I grabbed a bunch, "This will be perfect". Delicious baked eggs swimming in a bath of garlicky infused crème fraîche, crispy shiitake mushrooms and a little crumble of salty feta, topped with fresh pea shoots, divine. Spring is here.

"Spring Baked Eggs"

2 eggs per person
1/2 cup of crème fraîche (enough to coat a thin layer)
4 spring garlic (ramps or other spring onions would work)
1 cup of wild mushrooms (I used shiitake)
fresh spring greens (I used pea shoots)
salt + pepper
olive oil

Heat oven to 450 degrees with your cast iron skillet inside for 10 minutes.
Add a generous pour of olive oil, enough to coat the pan.
Add chopped mushrooms and whole spring garlic.
Cook until crispy, turning once, about 5-10 minutes.
Carefully pull out cast iron pan and place on the stove.
Add a couple of dollops of crème fraîche.
Make two small wells and crack eggs in gently.
Season with salt and pepper.
Finish with a crumble of feta cheese.
Bake until eggs whites are cooked, about 8 minutes.
Lightly dress pea shoots and serve on top or along side.

Spring Baked Eggs | Nicole Franzen


  1. Love baked eggs, these looks gorgeous!!

  2. Hurrah for Spring alliums!! What a beautiful showcase of them.

  3. so gorgeous! yay for spring and beautiful egg dishes :)

  4. Yum looks delish, gonna try this soon!

  5. Beautiful. ..
    I saw ur pin on instagram n was waiting for this post. ..
    Will try this soon!

  6. <3 baked eggs! Looks lovely, nice picks

  7. I love beautiful food, this looks delicious!

  8. can't wait to make this! :)

  9. I could frame all of these photos and hang them on my walls. absolutely gorgeous.

  10. YUM! I've been craving a fried egg all day, I wish I'd seen this post earlier. Nothing can stop me making this for lunch tomorrow though.....suddenly my Monday's looking good :)

  11. I love these pictures, and I feel your pain about those damn ramp vultures. I don't think I would have been disappointed with these beautiful spring garlic baked eggs though. Side of hot toast, of course.

  12. Absolutely beautiful! And I'm waiting by patiently for the first sign of ramps as well. Come on, Spring!

  13. Baked eggs are my latest obsession! And even though it isn't Spring here, I do think I'll have to try these out :)

  14. eggs, shiitake, pea shoots! beautiful!

  15. This sounds absolutely delicious!! I will give it a go!!...xv


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  17. Your ramps are decidedly better looking than what we find in Virginia. Where did you find yours?



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