Pan Bagnat



Man oh man, I was finally inspired to cook something for this space. I've been keeping it pretty simple in the kitchen lately, cooking the same yummy dishes over and over again. I could blame my lack of inspiration on the boring winter produce, the fact that I no longer have anyone special to cook for or that I've been damn busy. It's not that I havent been eating well, oh I have dear friends. Dining out and being a little bit naughty as a young single lady should be. Oysters galore, lots of fancy cocktails, red wine, cheese and charcuterie. Celebrations all around and indulging in the finer things in life, cause that's what living is all about.

So, I am admittedly not a fan of the ol' classic tuna and mayonaise combo and I opt for this version incorporating lemon, capers and olive oil. I have made a variation of this tuna salad for many different types of vessels; over greens, on a sandwich, with crackers etc. I love those Mediterranean flavors and crave the brightness regularly. As I was digging through the back of my pantry the other day in a mad hunt for my hungover self. I spotted a lonely can of tuna. I was inspired to make my version of a pan bagnat, literal translation? Bathed or wet bread, originating in Nice, France. I've seen many variations on this, adding such things as artichokes, hard boiled eggs, haricot vert etc. This is my take on the sandwich.

1 can of tuna (drained)
1 lemon (zest & juice)
1 tablespoon of capers
1/4 of a red onion (quick pickled)
handful kalamata olives (pitted and quartered)
cherry tomatoes (halved)
celery hearts (leaves reserved)
fresh basil
sandwich roll (I used this lovely sourdough made by the folks at Robertas)
2 tablespoons olive oil
sea salt and freshly ground pepper

-In a bowl add the tuna, the zest of one lemon, juice of half, a tablespoon of capers, 2 tablespoons olive oil, pinch of sea salt & freshly ground pepper. This can sit marinading for a couple hours before serving.

-Thinly slice a quarter of a red onion and submerge in vinegar (red wine, white wine will do). Let pickle for 5-15 minutes.

-In a separate bowl add cherry tomatoes cut in half, quartered olives, thinly sliced celery and celery leaves, toss to combine.

-To build sandwich, place basil leaves along the bottom. Top with the tuna mixture, juices included, add a layer of the tomato mixture, then finish with some of the pickled red onion. Enjoy.


  1. All the single ladies, eat a sandwich! You're like a mix of Beyonce and Liz Lemon. Ok, you're probably not really, but if you are, you have to tell me, because I think we should be best friends.

  2. Yummy! It looks so colorful and fresh :)

  3. even more important to cook something special for yourself! this looks DELISH. perfect.

  4. Good golly that looks like one kick arse tuna roll! Sometimes it's best to keep it simple. After Christmas we've been doing easy salads and proteins for dinner and simple frittatas for lunch, feeling so healthy :)

  5. I am so trying this out!! I love tuna, but only well made..mayonaise is not my choice either!

  6. I just discovered your website from the PBS article and I am SO glad that I did. Your photography is stunning and creative and inspiring. I hope you continue to be inspired to cook for this space because I am eager to follow along!

  7. This, my friend, is very delicious! I want to try it :D

  8. Looks delicious, yes, a nicoise salad in a sandwich! Love all the bright colors.

  9. This looks so good and I am devastated (in a good way!) by your superb photos. Thanks for this excellent blog and delicious looking recipe.

  10. Just back from Nice today. And funny this was posted again- cause it's exactly what I'm craving... Had an amazing one of these a few days ago, sunning on Nice's stunning shores. Off to find the ingredients then- Viva la france!



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