Well, this week came and went. Have a great weekend folks. Sorry for the serious lack of interesting content on here lately, I've been a busy bee. I promise to make some more time for this space soon. How's everyone holding up? Freezing here in New York this week, is it Spring yet? Oh, and I very Happy 55th Birthday to my mum!

Images above
Lunch at Diner / Floral masterpiece by Sarah of Saipua.


  1. Get out of here with that arrangement. Just gorgeous!!

  2. Love the composition of those shots. Such clarity.

  3. I'm grateful for your visual vignettes, no need to ever apologize for content! So often, we pressure ourselves to do more, feeling like we're not doing enough, and it's challenging given the fact that many bloggers project a perfect domestic bliss-facade that can make us feel inferior...

  4. Lovely flower arrangement ;)



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