December was truly a fun month, some highlights.

-Lunch at Marlow & Sons or Diner never disappoint.
-My favorite home stores in Brooklyn are Brook Farm General Store & Moon River Chattel.
-Apple cider & apple cider doughnuts from the greenmarket.
-I ate too much delicious Mast Brothers Chocolate.
-The City Bakery has the best hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows.

And for the New Mexico edition.

-The Guadalajara Grill has some of the best tacos ever, Ive been eating there my whole life. Be sure to go if you are in Taos.
-We spent Christmas Eve at the Taos Pueblo, I lack the vocabulary to describe how majestic it truly was. I've been in the past but this year was different for me. As we drove through the Native reservation land, large clouds of black smoke and red flames peaked through the 1000 year old adobe structures. A series of enormous bon fires set to burn. An apocalyptic vibe that truly was surreal. Everyone should experience this once in their lives.
-I love frito pies, eat at Orlandos.
-I connected with old friends and family, and truly am a country girl at heart.
-We had endless amounts of perfect white snow & skies so blue unlike anywhere else I've ever been.

Happy New Year!


  1. These are so so beautiful! From what we can see it looks like a wonderful month.

    & thanks for the links & notes; definitely want to check out some of these places.

  2. These Instagrams are totally putting mine to shame! Amazing photos!

  3. happy new year! beautiful pics!

  4. Happy New Year! The New Mexico pictures are beautiful and make me smile.

  5. Such stunning photos... I want to take a walk in your world--thank you so much for sharing it :-)

  6. These can't all be instagram photos? Surely? Reassure me please! Even if they are, they look beautiful. Each one a magic window into a moment in time.

  7. Beautiful photos! Happy New Year!

  8. These are so pretty!! I like the photos you took. ;D



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