Winter Wonderland



I'm going back to New York on Friday with mixed feelings. I had a really nice time visiting my home town and spending quality time with family and old friends. There is a certain comfort and understanding that comes with knowing people for fifteen years. A bond that runs deep and no matter how much you've changed, its as if nothing has changed once you're together.

I felt a true sense of family and togetherness this trip, something I miss living in New York City. Its not that I dont have fabulous friends, I do. Its that our way of life in the city doesn't allow the same kind of closeness. We have our schedules, our jam packed work weeks, having to make plans weeks in advance for a simple coffee date. And truth be told, New York brings out the flakiness is all of us. While this is my life now and I do love it. I miss the simplicity of just being able to hang around and do nothing, the ease of small town living with no pretense.

We spent evenings huddled around fireplaces, hot tubbing under a blanket of stars, tip toeing through the snow, celebrating with champagne toasts and sharing old stories. Spending the days doing a whole lot of nothing and that being alright. Winter walks deep in fresh powder and vibrant blue skies unlike any other place. I thought I had lost the New Mexican in me, but the truth is shes still there. Just one of my many layers. Somethings come back easier then you would expect, a country girl at heart.


  1. it feels so good being a country girl again...even if it's just on Christmas Time!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Marry Xmas Nicole amazing photos *.*

  3. I think once you've lived there in any real way, it sticks with you no matter what. I haven't found any other place like it.

  4. I should add - it's been such a treat to see your NM posts. I could look at these photos for days.

  5. I feel the same way about hometown friends vs. big city friends! There's something to be said that the bond you have through a shared history with a person or a group of people, and if you move somewhere new, you have to wait for those new histories and relationships to evolve. It's also harder because you are so much more spread out, schedule-wise and life-wise. Growing up is hard...=]

  6. Oh how I understand your words..such a beautiful photos !!

  7. I am from Lisbon Portugal and don't get to go home often but you so clearly captured how I feel when i go home, so very easy to spend time with family and friends without advance planning and maybe just a knock on the door. Thank you for the photos, incredible!

  8. I love going home for the holidays and getting away from the city, but I do miss it while I'm gone.

    Beautiful shots of the snow.

  9. Beautiful photos. Happy Holidays, Nicole! I know what you mean about small town days versus big city days, friends, and plans, and I think my years are most full with them both. I could never appreciate slowing down in the same way without the hustle and bustle of New York... or Paris, for that matter. And it's wonderful how every now and then, the two converge when a lifelong friend visits you in your new home.

  10. I wish that I was lucky enough to have a little bit of New Mexico in me as well. Just stunning photos! Seriously, those red berries, the white snow, and that blue, blue sky - be still my heart.

  11. I definitely feel that way as well when I go home. Although Austin is nowhere near as big or hectic as NYC, I find similarities here. People are so busy it can take weeks or months to plan seeing friends where someone doesn't have to cancel. With the relaxing nature of going home, I tell myself I need to do it more often. But I almost think I wouldn't appreciate it quite as much without the busyness of normal life.

    Anyways, Merry Christmas and as always, it's lovely seeing your photos!

  12. Awww! This is so heartwarming. It's good that you can always go back home and have your family and friends waiting for you. ;)

  13. You hit the nail on the head describing the vibe in New York. It's not til I get out that I remember how much I love hanging out and not flaking out.

  14. I love your photos!




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