A few iphone shots capturing all that was November. I can't believe its already December, time sure does fly. A few highlights...

- My holiday campaign for Fresh launched, its been a real treat seeing the stores decked out. You can view the images on my website.
- We held Thanksgiving at our apartment this year, I ate left over pie and mashed potatoes for days, nom.
- I'm finally starting to feel settled in my new apartment, accepting and embracing these new ways of life.
- These are some great homemade food gift ideas that I shot for Saveur.
- The stories I shot in San Francisco for Wantul magazine is out.
- Did you see Camille and I contributed a pie over at Herriott Grace?
- I got an iPhone 5, victory!
- I'm heading home to New Mexico for the holidays this year, the first time I've spent Christmas there in 7 years.
- I'm looking forward to reuniting with many old friends.
- I visited with my pal Sarah at Saipua, she taught me some badass wreath making skills.
- I'm addicted to Homeland.
- I created this pin board for the "love of beards". It makes me and some of my lady friends very happy.
- A little feature on West Elm's blog.
- This video makes me happy, so creative.
- I had a feature in the Autumn issue of The Simple Things magazine, featuring the great city of New York.


  1. I just sat here and just loved these photos.

  2. Donuts, pie, fried eggs, mashed potato and gravy? I miss the cold weather.

  3. I recently got an iphone 5 too, couldn't do without it now! Love the shots

  4. You are on fire, girl! So thrilled to see you working on so many cool campaigns and I must say, your photos just get better and better and better. Next time you're in SF, let me know! xo

  5. Very pretty photos! Your November looks very artsy. Haha I love the photo of the chair and its shadow :)

  6. Hello, my name is Claire Kensington of The 3 F's. I've been trying to track down your email to see if you might be interested in a collaboration! Shoot me an email if interested. Cheers!

  7. I love fresh products, they're among my favorites! Congratulations for doing a shoot with them, the pictures are stunning...looks like you had a pretty intense month, happy Deecember! :-)

  8. The Fresh and Saveur photos are absolutely gorgeous, and your New York photos are making me miss the fall in the city SO MUCH.

  9. Hi Nicole--your photography is so inspiring. You have such a talent and unique way of looking at things. Really beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with the world.

  10. i absolutely love these photos. i was curious which program you used to process them with on your phone? cheers!

  11. I like these pictures sooo much! How is the lightning so saggy in most pictures?



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