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Hey friends, how was your thanksgiving? I spent all day in the kitchen preparing only 4 dishes?!? Putting together a whole feast is a true labor of love. We had a little get together at our apartment. I made this Maple Pecan Pie that I found on Food52, originally developed by Melissa Clark. It was so yum and I ate it for breakfast two days after. My mom always made pecan pies growing up for the holidays. Its one of my favorites and I loved this version incorporating maple syrup. I must admit that I ate way too much and started to feel utterly ill with a fat stomach. I had to lay down stat lol. Thanksgiving is a bit glutenous and I am feeling the need for a detox as soon we clear out out fridge of leftovers. What was your favorite thing you made this year?

Here's the recipe...


  1. I visit your blog all the time but rarely comment (sorry about that). I adore your photography and am so glad you posted a recipe here to go with this pie that completely has me swooning. My favorite thing was the brussels sprouts & carmelized onion gratin that I made. Got the recipe off the Williams Sonoma website several years ago and the family asks for it every year. It's rich, but it's only for once a year ~

  2. Breathtaking photos Nicole

  3. What a stunning picture. I understand what you mean about taking a full day to cook so few dishes - it's incredible what kind of effort you can put into a holiday meal! My favorite part of our Thanksgiving feast was by far the sweet potato pie. I'm honestly considering making one per guest next year.

  4. Yummm, the pecan pie sounds delish. That second photo is wonderful.

  5. The pecan pie sounds delish. I love that second photo! :)

  6. Your photos lead me away...they are beautifull. Eleonora

  7. We don't have thanksgiving in the Uk so I can't talk much about what I made, but judging by how good that pie looks, I would have done the same as you and ate far too much!

  8. La Torontoise12/10/12, 8:51 AM

    Dear Nicole, love your pictures. I've been following your blog for a few months only now got time to write (as my job got less hectic).
    I'm Canadian and our Thanksgiving was much earlier than yours; anyways, to me yours and ours are great occasions to cook well and have fun time with meals...

    I made this olive oil cake with oranges, got the recipe from Bon Appetit and found it trully inspirational. The cake was a big hit! Since then, I made it twice and its magic is undisputable...

    Best regards from Europe!

  9. Glancing through early posts from your blog and loving the Kilim pillow in this post...If you could share where it's from I would love the info :) Thank you for your beautiful blog!



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