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Everyday I am inspired by the talented people that live in this city. I know it's not a new thing to capture artists in their workspaces, but I wanted to do this for me. I enjoy meeting the people who create these things and learning the process behind it. It makes me feel more connected to the artist knowing the story behind it. I've decided to make it a regular thing around here. I will be introducing some newer starting out creatives as well as some very established. I have featured a variety of artists here in the past, but consider it a new official part of this blog. La Buena Vida is all about the good life and I can't think of another way to express it then to share those whom make it that way. I hope you enjoy seeing behind the scenes and inside the spaces of these incredibly talented people.

I came across Eric's beautiful ceramics at Mocuin. His aesthetic hit right at home with me. I was instantly drawn to his color palates and the elegant simplicity of his bowls, plates, mugs and pitchers. I had to meet the man behind it, he kindly agreed to be a part of my project. We had a real connection and an appreciation for the elegant and simplistic. I adore this man, and all he creates. His nesting bowls featured above are some of my favorites, many of them done using a process that includes dipping the piece twice, creating a stripe down the center. I also love his signature spout.

Eric Bonnin Ceramics
313 West 37th Street
Tribeca Potters, 4th Floor

What inspires you?

The French Decorative Arts Movement and the artists and craftsmen working in Vallauris, France in the post-war period

Did you study your craft or self-taught?

Mostly self-taught

How long have you been making ceramics?

15 years

Where are you from?

France - grew up in Normandy and lived in Paris before coming to NYC 16 years ago

Favorite places in the world?

a little village in France where I spent my childhood summers

Do enjoy cooking? If so what are your favorite things to cook?

I am mostly a baker, I do a kicking apple tart

What other things make you happy? (the little things)

a meal with friends, the feeling of the clay on my hands & birds singing




  1. I love to watch potterers at work. His style is beautiful. I have no talent at anything crafty so I really am in awe when I see artisans create such beauty.

  2. I love the bowls with the spouts. I would buy a half dozen of them.

  3. So amazing and inspiring! The photos are beautiful. :)

  4. I really enjoyed this post, Nicole. You captured Eric's workspace and ceramics beautifully. I love the shapes of his bowls!

  5. My Grandmom, my mom and me did this kind of work, when I was a child! We did beautifil forms! I love that! Greetings from Spain!

  6. I have a slight (extreme) addiction to ceramics. I love everything about the shapes, the time, the personal relationship they offer. This place looks like a wonderfully peaceful place.


  7. i just saw those nesting bowls at mociun yesterday! love them!

  8. Thanks for showing us these artworks. Really talented guy. Love his design and style.

  9. that a lovely addition to the blog. so important for us to keep inspired and doing projects simply for us and our art. i simply can not wait for the next one!

  10. creative people in their spaces- possibly one of my favourite types of photography!



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