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Autumn seems to be on the horizon. There has been an ever so slight transition, a certain feel to the air, that is hard to grasp. A crispness in the morning, I've been pulling my blanket up tight. Summer is nearing a close and while my whole life I have been one to adore the long hot summer days. I have found that in these last few years, I've really come to love spring and autumn more. I'm still not a huge fan of winter, the short days, lack of color and bone chilling weather is not for me, I wish it only lasted a month. I can honestly say that I am excited to see the leaves change, to make comforting warm dishes, to cuddle up and read a good book.

All photos above were taken in Hudson, New York, I was up there on assignment last Friday. Such a lovely place, I urge you to go. Remember these photos I took last month?


  1. During winter I often convince myself that I live for summer, but the truth is that I am the most smitten with fall.

    Beautiful shots. Is there anything that says autumn more than ripe apples dangling from trees?

  2. I think it's because of the sun. The sun is still out there, but it hits everything from another direction, which reminds us all of autumn light. You can definitely see that on your photos. Autumn actually is my favorite time of the year. After the summer break I have so much energy, motivation and ideas, it makes me feel very alive. Sasha is right, apples are all about autumn. Let's make apple pie and cozy up with a cup of tea and a blanket!

  3. wow, amazing pictures!

    london is still quite summery, but being norwegian i am really longing for autumn to come with its oranges and deep reds and yellows.

  4. love your photos this morning! Thank you!

  5. I love all these photos, Nicole! Autumn is my favorite time of year- it's when I feel most alive!

  6. Lovely photographs! Very well captured!

  7. I love the fall even though I'm going to miss the summer. Speaking of reading a good book.
    I think we need a book club; just sayin'

  8. gorgeous old barn and I wish they sold fruits in those sweet little blue packets here in australia! I just went on a photo trip with my Dad, it was certainly fresh in the mornings (-2degrees celcius) but boy did it make for some gorgeous frosty, foggy homestead photos! Plus, there's something about warming ones hands around a nice hot cuppa and snuggling in bed, but then it's the end of winter here and the days are getting warmer, so I'm ready for the sunshine :)

  9. Oh I absolutely love these, Nicole! Fall is one of my favorite times of year and just scrolling true these makes me feel that crispness in the air...x

  10. Wow! Bountiful harvest!! <3

  11. I love autumn..the light..the colours..the fruits..everthing..the images are very inspiring..thank you for sharing..



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