August Recap



I take a TON of photos with my iPhone. I also like breaking down the highlights of my month. This may become a regular thing around here. To be honest I'm feeling a bit confused about this space. Do I start a new blog? Do I continure here and switch it up? My life is changing and I am feeling the need to grow. I'm going to be channeling some new inspirations and ideas in this space. I hope you stick around. Here are some highlights from this month.

I went to Alaska.
I shot peony farms.
I ate the best carrots and snow peas of my life from a garden there.
I saw a baby moose.
I drove my first tractor and was given the official "farm girl" title.
I miss animals, I dont interact with them enough.
The air was so fresh, it makes me crave country life often.
I stuck my face and inhaled every one of those peonies, until I was on a flower high.
Dahlias came into season, hooray!
I went to a friends wedding on the beach.
Who knew that Jersey's beaches were so lovely?
I stuck my feet in the sand, they belong there.
The salt air is good for my chi, and my hair agrees.
I've been enjoying Gather Journal, Kinfolk, Sprouted Kitchen's new cookbook and My Berlin Kitchen.
Had an epic lunch at Gramercy Tavern with my pal Kristy Mucci.
I want to go to Iceland more then ever now, thanks to uber talented, genuinely kind and hilarious Lily Stockman.
I went to the farmers market at every chance I could.
I've been eating heirloom tomatoes, corn and squash like its going out of style.
Have you eaten Ovenly's cheddar mustard scones? Crazy good.
The waterfront park finally opened in my neighborhood, yipee.
I'm ready for this humidity to go away.
Guns laws need to be addressed.
I spent lots of time with new friends and reuniting with old.
It's been a great month.

What have been your highlights? Its important in this fast paced life we live to take a moment and reflect. Life is so special and fragile. Live in the moment, be all that you can be.


  1. You're just reaffirming my desire to visit Alaska!

  2. The photos are incredible. I can't wait to pick up my own copy of Kinfolk.

    My highlights have been the simplest things like apricot toast in the morning and watching the slow movement of the seasons.


  3. I was just on your blog yesterday and saying to myself, "I love how everytime I come to her blog I see greenery. I see life. I see real life and I see freshness... rather cohesive yet not overly." I swear! I was on yesterday and scrolling through and thought just those things! Then you share your above thoughts... I think this space is lovely! We don't want these spaces to be perfect nor is perfect ever really attainable. Just make it all it can be.

  4. Wow i've just stumbled across your blog and it's so incredible. I agree with Cozbi's comment that there is so much greenery and life! Just beautiful I could only hope that one day my blog looks like this!

  5. Whatever you write about on your blog I will always come back! :)

  6. dear nicole, your work is undescribable, I just love it to look at it.. christine

  7. You took those photos with your iphone??!! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I love that the email subscription means I can enjoy the stunning imagery right there in my inbox which really brightens my day.
    p.s. I have ended up with several blogs. I don't know about blogspot but wordpress allows me to manage them from one log in and I just select from a drop down which one I want to share to. Two I don't really update these days because my interests have morphed (also don't travel nearly as much) and a further one is for a book project I never have time to progress but to revisit some day.

    Right now more into food as a tool for health than anything else so had to start a new outlet for that as just didn't fit neatly enough in to my existing advice blog for gluten free and vegetarains (like my husband) amongst us. In fact while waiting to set up the blog I had to give in to my urge and kick it all off on If you feel the need expand your set of blogs, go for it. It is cathartic!

  8. Oysters, flowers and succulents never cease to take my breath away.

    I love this recap post and I think that is a very good idea. I am always so surprised how "behind" I feel when I am blogging. A recipe gets me busy and then I prioritize it over little moments I want to share - the highlights.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this space evolves and I will certainly stick around. Your photographs always make me smile. You know how to capture those highlights so well.

  9. Great snaps - you've put me onto Gather journal which is awesome! ;)

  10. Beautiful photos, and I really like the one of you with your camera and the hat!
    Living in the moment.. Something I'm trying to learn. Do you know that feeling when you look at photos and think, wow that looks amazing, why didn't I enjoy it more? we should make more time to reflect and stop running for a moment. Thank you for reminding me:)

  11. I so enjoy your photographs Nicole and the simple directness of your posts and words. Seems like you have had a wonderful summer indeed. And as much as I have enjoyed my June, July and August I welcome Autumn and all its charms with wide open arms!

  12. I love {love!} your iphone photos. All your photographs are gorgeous, but you capture something really unique on your phone - some energy that I appreciate so much. So much beauty!



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