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We arrived in the middle of the afternoon after a twelve hour flight that involved three plane changes and a four am wake up time. I lugged my heavy equipment down the stairs of my apartment and waited on the curb as I watched the party goers head home to sleep. When we arrived at our final destination, I gazed out my hotel window jet lagged and disoriented. The sun was shining at night and people continued on with their business until the wee hours. Our hotel was set along Kenai river which runs through the town of Soldotna. We went for a walk in hopes to shake off that feeling you have after being confined for so many hours. To get the body moving, the blood flowing. We followed a series of lifted walk ways raised above the forrest floor along the shore. Fisherman were standing belly deep in the frigid waters, with a fast current. Fishing for salmon at night was a common scene around here.

We spent the first day in Soldotna, one peony farm shot and I drove my first tractor (more on that later). Skipping ahead to day two, we loaded up our subabaru forester and headed to Homer. A small town just over two hours south of Soldotna on the Kenai peninsula. A scenic drive through dense forests, coastal vistas and snow capped mountains in a distance. The temperature dropped, fog sat comfortably on top of the lush green hillsides. Everyone told us we would see a moose before we left Alaska. So we pulled up into our second farm and saw a baby moose were we pleasantly surprised.

I fell in love with this area, the mountain views, crisp fresh air and long dirt roads are some things I'm very accustomed too. I lived in my wellies and was covered in mud head to toe after a full day shooting in those fields. I like it that way, I love being outdoors, near nature. The owner of the farm had two greenhouses where she grew an impressive amount of veggies and flowers. She handed me a bag of snap peas, carrots and radishes from her graden. The best carrots and peas I have EVER eaten, sweet, crisp, surreal. I'm literally still dreaming of them. Wild berries and flowers grow everywhere, painting the grounds in a pastel of colors. Next up the Homer spit with an array of fishing, boats and more.


  1. alaska is definitely not what i expected. the photographs are beautiful. everything looks so crisp and fresh. i love the fourth photo in particular.


  2. I just went to Alaska too! I was in Seward and on Fox Island. The greenness of everything was awesome, I loved it. Did you see a bear while you were there too?


  3. I just went to Alaska too! I was in Seward and on Fox Island. The greenness of everything was awesome, I loved it. Did you see a bear while you were there too?


  4. Really beautiful stuff, Nicole! A different light shed on the area than most are used to seeing. Looking forward to part 2.

  5. I used to spend summers in Alaska as a kid, visiting my aunt & uncle in Anchorage. I remember the flowers and the late summer light. We'd go on hikes & there were fields of those vibrant magenta flowers, moose, and salmon in the creek bed. I had my first mexican hot chocolate, bagel, and edible flower in Alaska. It's dear to my heart & these photos of it are beautiful.

  6. Beautiful photos Nicole! I live at the mile zero of the Alaska HiWay (That goes up to Fairbanks) and yet I haven't been to Alaska yet. This is now a definite on my list to do!

  7. love it so much! looking forward to part 2!

  8. These images are so beautiful! I loved following your instagram, too. That landscape! Those peonies!

  9. Funny, these photos actually remind me of Iceland, my home country.

    From the way you describe it this must have been a wonderful trip.
    That horse is so beautiful.

    I'm already looking forward to part 2.

  10. i knew i'd love the 1st part! amazing!!! loved your descriptions and laughed at the part goers! i know the feeling, but hey they're going to bed in their home and you're going to a different place!



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