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It's berry season y'all. Trying hard not to think of Paula Deen as I say that out loud lol. I've been determined to make something divine with currants. My go to guy is Nigel Slater, the English chef sure does know what to do with all these tart little guys. Super common in England, currants grow everywhere. They make jams, compotes, desserts and use them in savory dishes.

On skype with my boyfriends mum in England last week, I was picking her brain about all these berries that grow wild around her house. Sharing ideas of sloe gin and cordials, this woman makes booze out of everything. I must visit England in the summertime. Red currants are most common but I was lucky enough to find these golden white ones. A real punch in the mouth when eaten by themselves. To be honest I was a little nervous when I saw the amount of raw tart berries that were going to be scattered over top. But I was so pleasantly surprised with this little tart, a perfect balance of sweet, cream and tart. A perfect use for currants, a great summer dessert.

The recipe called for Fromage Frais which is not too common here in the states. After doing some research I went with Quark, a very similar product. I used organic ginger snaps for the crust and added a touch more sugar then the recipe called for.

A tart of fromage frais and white currants
adapted from Nigel Slater's Ripe

enough for 8

for the filling

fromage frais - about a pound (500g) (I used 16oz of quark)
plain yogurt - 2 cups
confectioners sugar - 3 heaping tablespoons, plus more for dusting. (I added 4 tablespoons)
the grated zest of one orange
white currants - 1 pound

for the crust

butter - 5 tablespoons
lemon, orange or ginger cookies - 10 ounces (I used ginger)


Mix the fromage frais and yogurt. Line a colander or sieve with cheesecloth. Pour mixture into the sieve, place the whole thing on a shallow dish to catch the drips, and put it in the fridge. Leave overnight.

To make the crust, melt the butter. Crush the cookies into a coarse open crumb, then mix them with the melted butter. Tip them into a loose-bottomed tart pan, about 9 inches in diameter, then smooth them in, pushing them into the corners with your fingers. Chill for twenty minutes.

For the filling, tip the strained cheese mixture out of the cheesecloth into a bowl. Stir in the confectioners sugar and grated orange zest. Smooth the filling into the chilled tart crust. Pull the currants from their stalks and pile them on top of the tart filling. Dust generously with the confectioners sugar. Leave for a few minutes before slicing.

Plate by Smith Built Pottery


  1. This tart is so pretty and sounds actually quite easy to make! I haven't had white currants in ages. I'm going home to visit my family soon and luckily my mum has a currant bush in her garden. I have to make this tart when I'm there. Thank you for the inspiration and recipe Nicole!

  2. This remains me on my childhood in Germany! I love these berries! I get jelios, because I don´t have these white berry here in Spain.It looks delicios, yum...

  3. the recipe is wonderful, but i really loved the plate.
    Can you tell me where did you buy it?
    thank you so much! :)


  4. Oh, you do have me drooling. I would just love to SEE these berries in the states. They do seem like such an 'english' find. The flavor combinations look so delicious and I love the ginger snap crust! Love ginger snaps!

  5. looks so delicious. never had white currants before.

    Quiet Luxury

  6. It's currant season in Zürich right now, and every time I spot an overflowing carton I reach to buy it, but then I realize I have no idea what I would do with them once I got them home. They are a bit too tart for me to eat plain, and my dessert repertoire isn't extensive enough to include currants (currently too busy thinking about apricots). I'm looking forward to making this tart. Do you think red currants would work just as well? Perhaps I'll try to make a jam too. Beautiful post Nicole.

  7. Such beautiful pics and recipes Nicole those white berries look delicious so does the tart! I linked your blog on my post today if you would like to see here is the link http://carlacoulson.com/links-i-love/

  8. What a beautiful tart. And white currants? Love this season for things like currants, one of my favourite unsung heroes of summer. Beautiful recipe.


  9. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  10. Gorgeous looking tart! Thanks for sharing your talent...Happy blogging, lee (www.thebeachhousekitchen.wordpress.com)

  11. Just discovered your website and work, absolutely beautiful!

  12. The tart/currants on that plate are so gorgeous!

  13. I can almost touch the berries. Beautiful work



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