Kale Salad with Creamy Lemon Dressing & Garlic Chips



How's everyone? It's been a little quiet around these parts. Summer has arrived and it appears that people are spending less time indoors at their computers and more time outside in the sun. I dont blame you, me too.

I've still been cooking lots, but not having the time to photograph and post. I've been embracing all of summers produce and loving the abundant sizes of kale. I feel like people often refer to kale as an autumn/winter green, but that appears not to be the case. I am getting bunches of kale, three times the normal size for $2. I'm going to be eating a lot of greens around here.

I've posted a number of kale salads on the blog in the past but this one is my favorite. I've eaten it five times in the last week or so. My boyfriend made grilled chicken with lemon and thyme and it went lovely. You could omit the garlic if you chose to have it for lunch and didnt want to be stinky. The nice thing about this salad is that it can hang out longer then normal salads. Its hearty greens dont wilt like most do, making it perfect for BBQ's and parties.


1 bunch of lacinato kale (also known as cavolo nero, black or tuscan)
1 cup of coarsely grated parmesan cheese
3 large garlic cloves (oil for frying)

for dressing

1/2 cup of crème fraîche (Make your own)
1/2 cup of olive oil
juice of one lemon
sea salt & pepper

Nice additions would be croutons, grilled chicken, avocado, anchovies if you like.


In a small bowl add a few dollops of crème fraîche (1/2 cup), add the juice of one lemon, pinch of sea salt and fresh ground pepper.
Stir to incorporate and slowly add the olive oil, while mixing.
Slice kale into small strips removing large ribs.
Place into a salad spinner and cover with cold water.
Wash twice and spin to dry. Set aside.

In a small saute pan heat oil on med-low heat.
Remove the outer skin of the garlic, using a mandolin thinly slice the garlic cloves.
Place into oil, working in batches if needed.
Keeping a close eye not to burn the garlic.
Cook till golden brown, using a slotted spoon remove and lay flat on a paper towel.

In a large bowl add chopped kale, the dressing and toss.
Taste and adjust seasoning if needed.
I like to grate the parmesan on the thicker grate.
If its too fine it gets lost and I really enjoy the salty bits.
Grate about a cup of parmesan, adding half to the salad and reserving half for garnish.
Plate salad and top with extra parmesan and garlic chips.


  1. I've been seeing (and buying!) so many gorgeous hearty greens at the farmer's market too. Your kale salad looks great and I love the fried garlic!

  2. I *love* that photo of the kale--beautiful with the light and droplets of water.

  3. Kale is autumn/winter green in Hungary. That time is the season for it. You can't find kale anywhere during summer.

    Great recipe and photos!

  4. What a beautiful post. I always think of kale as a winter vegetable, but can imagine this would work wonderfully with any winter greens.

  5. I just put kale plants in the ground today - can't wait to see them grow up and into lovely salads like this.

  6. Gorgeous! This has been the year of kale salads for me. I was weary of them for a long time, but now I can't get enough. I usually do a simple lemony dressing too, but crème fraîche would be a delicious addition

  7. Something I will be trying very soon. Thanks for the inspiration. Happiness, lee (www.thebeachhousekitchen.wordpress.com)



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