I can't believe its already June, I feel like it was just January. The older I get the quicker the years seem to fly by. One of the ways I like to keep in touch with the seasons is celebrating every fruit, vegetable and flower that comes into season. Thats my way of making sure I'm getting the best of it. I will be posting a recipe hopefully this week but I thought I would share a few pics I had taken around the city. I mostly use my iphone these days but since I was out and about on some shoots I had my camera on hand.

One of my favorite spots is the Ace Hotel. Its the perfect place to stop by when your making your way down or uptown. Stop in for a Stumptown coffee, grab a dozen oysters at John Dory, or something meaty at The Breslin. Have a little chill with your laptop in the lobby, cool scene.




I also wanted to mention what a fabulously social month May was. I'm quite the loner to be honest, though it may appear different. I usually explore and do things by myself, incorporating coffee/lunch dates with friends and spend the evenings home with my boyfriend over a good meal.

I feel I was truly lucky to of met some of my long time idols in the culinary world. While I was shooting Googamooga for Grub Street, I was able to be up close to Anthony Bourdain for both evenings of his chats. Watching him was so utterly refreshing, I love his blunt attitude and his no bull shit vibe. I read Kitchen Confidential when I was 13 and had started my first restaurant job. Then over the last ten years seen I've seen every single no reservations episode. I feel like I know Tony and to see him face to face was beyond cool. The press really does twist what he says, I truly found him endearing.

Also while at googamooga, I was in the front row watching April Bloomfield break down a pig. Hard core but super important, if you eat meat you should be one hundred percent ok to see where your food is coming from and that it was in fact an animal not just something in a styrofoam cling wrapped package. If you're not ok with it maybe you should not be eating it. Others included David Chaing, Ruth Riechl, Tom Colicchio, Markus Samuelsson etc. Another highlight watching badass Morimoto break down a 300 pound tuna, hes a legend. Not to mention all the good food I ate.

I also finally met some familiar faces at Saveur's best blogger party. Had a lovely time with out of town visitors Tara of Seven Spoons, Kimberly of The Year in Food, Kate of Cookie and Kate and Tim & Bryan of Lottie + Doof. And of course my fellow New York friends Karen of Sunday Suppers, Cara of BGSK, the lovely ladies at Food52 and everyone at Saveur. See a silly photo of us here.

Phew, quite a handful! Also great to meet Veronica Chan who hosted a lovely rooftop dinner for us last night. Where I got to meet Kasey of Turntable Kitchen and Yossy of Apt 2B Baking. And spent some more quality time with my pal Sarah of Lemon Fire Brigade and Kimberly. Did I miss anyone? Oh I met Jean Georges, that was cool :) Have a great weekend!


  1. j'aime new york...

    belle soirée


  2. you truly had an interesting month. there's so much of new york that i've missed during my visit. now, i'm taking notes for my next visit. the first photo is my favorite.

  3. Wow, what an exciting month! How neat to meet such inspiring and influential people. We also find Anthony Bordain endearing, and love watching his travels. :) Beautiful photos as always! Hope all is well! Sonja (and Alex)

  4. Morimotto. 300lb. tuna. wow. That must have been incredible to watch. Although I think I might have found April and the pig a bit more fascinating. And I totally agree, it's important to be comfortable with where your food comes from. I've been trying to get to know my chickens a little better, buying them whole and then breaking them down. It's oddly satisfying and super resourceful because there is always room in the fridge/freezer for more stock. Always. Sounds like you had a fun month. I'm with you on the getting older - time whizzing by thing. It's crazy. Make a couple toddler friends, they'll help slow down time a bit - one month they can barely speak and then three months later they are talking to you in full sentences. Incredible

  5. Great to meet you too, what a fun evening! p.s. I sent you a message on FB, not sure if you check them.

  6. I love these shots! Here's hoping that June is just as much a social month as May!

  7. It was so nice meeting you, and I owe you one for the shack-ago dog recommendation!

  8. Nicole, I'm so happy I got to meet you last week! Hanging out with you two nights in a row was a real treat. I don't think I saw this post before I left for New York, it's so cool that I recognize some of the places now! Thanks for telling me to eat a hot dog (totally worth it) and for being great. Hope we can cross paths again soon.

  9. hello you! it was wonderful to finally meet, my only wish was that there was more time on this trip! fingers crossed our paths meet up again.



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