Buttery Peas with Garlic Scapes



The nicest part about eating all this delicious fresh produce is that it needs very little work to shine. I picked up some fresh shell peas at the market. I was going to make a soup and then decided a quick saute was exactly what I wanted. The addition of garlic scapes, fresh pea shoots, shallots and butter and I'm a happy girl. This would make a perfect side dish or eaten alone. Fresh, bright and delicious.


3 cups of fresh peas
2 shallots
2 garlic scapes (regular garlic would be fine)
handful of pea shoots
dollop of non salted butter
sea salt & cracked pepper
lemon juice (optional)
fresh herbs (would be a nice addition)


Remove peas from pods and place into a bowl. In a deep saucepan bring water to a simmer, add a pinch of salt. Once at a simmer blanch peas for one minute. Remove and shock in an ice water bath. Do the same with the whole garlic scapes (blanching them takes away that super strong "hot" offensive garlicky flavor). Finely mince two shallots, and the blanched garlic scapes.

In a saute pan on medium heat add a generous dollop of butter, (around two tablespoons). Cook shallots till translucent and add the peas and garlic. Season with salt and pepper. Add a handful of pea shoots and allow to wilt. Finish with the juice of half a lemon and some fresh chopped herbs.



  1. Looks and sounds fantastic.

  2. I hate peas. But when I see this post, I will try to love it the next time my husband cook me something with peas :) Love the images!

  3. Nicole these photos are stunning!
    These simple, fresh morsels look so delicious through your photography.

  4. I love fresh peas as all the fruit and vegetables. Fortunately, even as a child and now I collect them from the plants and I eat them raw too! are delicious :)))I also cook them with the shallots but not without the garlic and herbs but I will try this method next time ;)

    your photos look like paintings!

  5. Your photos are amazing. I love how curly the pea shoots are.

  6. Garlic scapes are so fun! Beautiful ingredients and flavors, Nicole.

  7. Really fresh. But I'm not sure of what garlic shapes are.

  8. Never had garlic scapes, must try it!

  9. These peas look gorgeous!

  10. So pretty... I love the greys together with the vibrant green. I've never craved peas as much as I do now, looking at your gorgeous photos.



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