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This week... I'm stopping to smell the flowers at every chance I get. I'm working so much that I forget what day it is. Weekends, don't really exist when your home is your office. Thankfully I love my job and am very blessed that I get to do what I love. I'm counting the days until were laying on the beach and swimming with the creatures.

Spring passes quickly. I try to savor every little moment that it gives us. When the flowers start to bloom, I'm like a kid in a candy store. I get so excited and try to capture every moment of it. My instagram feed is filled with Spring produce and flowers. Lilacs have always been a star. Ever since I was young I would hunt for lilac bushes. I used to cut down huge branches, enough to fill the back of the suv. I would place some in every room of the house. I like to breath in their scent, it intoxicates me. Cherry blossoms at Brooklyn Botanical, is on the list. A truly magical experience.

Had fun playing with some of Ovenly's baked goods, also pictured above. They are soon opening a beautiful store front here in Greenpoint. Their treats are sublime, classics with a real twist. More on that later :)


I dont know about you guys, but I have been indulging in lots of local honey. It helps my allergies and is delicious drizzled on buttery toast with a touch of sea salt. A spoonful a day can help minimize your allergies, forget the pills! Wouldnt you rather just eat honey? Go to your local farmers market and ask for last years seasonal honey. Helps you build a better immunity. Love the bees and support your local bee keepers.


  1. yes! honey and salt is the best on toast. did you find that mug locally, too?

  2. Magnifique photo pour ce lilas.

    Belle soirée


  3. Lilacs are my all time FAVORITE. I love the spring with it's nippy chill and promise of warmer earth. Filling the back of an SUV sounds indulgent beyond my imagination- lucky you!!!

  4. i use honey to sweeten my tea. not too long ago my father brought us some homemade honey and it couldn't have been more delicious. love the black and white photograph. it looks more like a painting. beautiful!

  5. Anyone know a good source for Chestnut Honey?

  6. Beautiful photos, Nicole. Honey is one of my most favorite things.

  7. The light in these photos is beautiful, Nicole! I also have an out of control love for spring time, and honey :)


  8. I absolutely adore Lilacs--they've been my favourite flower since childhood when we had a massive wall of 10' lilac trees across the back of our garden and I would stand on my tip toes to pull fragrant bunches of blooms down to my face, inhaling the amazing perfume like a drunken bee... your photograph brings back amazing memories--thank you!

  9. You're so right about honey -- my allergies are always better when I remember to have a spoonful of our delicious, local stuff.

  10. I love local honey too, though I've never tried it with salt. I absolutely must now. :-) You're having Spring and here in Australia I'm heading into Autumn. :-) Love all these different seasons with so many beauties to delight in. :-)

  11. It's a good advice: honey instead of pills! it also helps me with my allergies that get worse in springtime.
    nice pictures :)

  12. Local honey is AMAZING! I love it! My friend has her own honey farm, and after I've been introduced to local honey, it's so hard to go back to the big brand stuff.

    Love the second hsot :)



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