Radish + Butter Toasts



I have few memories of my grandfather. The one I remember most fondly involved some of my first culinary experiences. While on a visit to his home just outside of Chicago, he gave me my first radish lightly dipped in salt from the garden. While this may have not been my first radish, it was the first time I had a bite of a vegetable that powerful, that direct. It was a explosion of flavor and spice. I remember it like it was yesterday. Looking out the french windows of his kitchen into the lush backyard. The lighting was always low in his house. I never knew what was going pop out of the shadows.

I remember a large claw foot tub, and taking afternoon naps on a sheepskin. My dad's side of the family spent 13 years living in Paris. My grandfather was an international banker. He liked his liquor strong, he smoked from a pipe and enjoyed rich flavored food. He tried to feed me duck that he hunted and I wanted nothing to do with it. I didn't get to know him very well, and to be honest he wasn't that nice of a person. I like to remember the fond memories I shared with him. The radish will always be one.


Radish + Butter Toasts

bunch of radishes
unsalted high quality butter
maldons sea salt
fresh bread

Pickled Ramps

1 bunch of ramps
bay leaf
mustard seeds
white vinegar

Toast bread slices, spread a good layer of butter at room temperature. Add a thin layer of sliced radishes. Sprinkle with sea salt and place a pickled ramp on top. Perfect spring snack, a brunch idea or appetizer.

*pickled ramps I made by cleaning the thin layer on the outside of the ramp. Trimming off the greens and roots. Reserving the greens for other uses. Place ramps in a small saucepan. Cover with half vinegar, half water, enough to cover. Add a bay leaf, pinch of peppercorns, mustard seeds and salt. Bring to a boil and allow to simmer for 5-8 minutes, then turn off heat. Allow to cool and place into a jar or other vessel. Keep refrigerated, should be ate within a week. Most pickle recipes add sugar, I did not and I thought they were great. I really winged it and I think you should too, adding whatever spices you may fancy. Its really easy.


  1. Beatiful memories and beautiful pictures.

  2. ahhh... memories are so lovely that way aren't they, you can choose which to think of and these radish ones are lovely (and they sound delicious too) Love that top shot.

  3. Radishes with butter and salt are one of life's greatest yet simplest pleasures. Your photos and memories are a beautiful accompaniment.

  4. These photos are simply beautiful and I love your description of those memories.

  5. Gorgeous! This is exactly the post I'm doing later today on my blog too. French butter, and radishes. It's the original French breakfast. We serve this at the wine bar I work at! I'm editing my post, and took a break to oggle your blog!

  6. I made these from this recipe on Two Tarts. Delicous! http://www.two-tarts.com/2011/05/radishes-with-herbed-butter-on-baguette.html

  7. I made these from from this recipe, a slight variation (herbed butter!!!) http://www.two-tarts.com/2011/05/radishes-with-herbed-butter-on-baguette.html Delicous!

  8. this is one of my all time favorite snacks!!


  9. Radishes, butter, bread: such an awesome combo. So classic and simple. Love the story, too.

  10. Gorgeous pictures and a new way with radishes I'll have to try.
    That second to last photo I could happily live in - feels like a Dutch still life painting, stunning!

  11. I remember my first radish as a kid too, but it's not as romantic of a vision of yours... I remember being about 8 and spitting it out :). Luckily I've come around since then... this looks beautiful.

  12. This looks so nice, thinking this should be my lunch tomorrow.
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    Beautiful pictures by the way!!

  13. simplicity is perfection. beautiful post. i certainly wish that i could get my hands on some ramps in germany (so far no luck), but i'll just eat more radishes instead.



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