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Saipua is a dream world of flower creativity. When I was first introduced to Sarah's work, it was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Not a typical florist by any means. There is something wild, organic and exotic about her arrangements. Sarah wasn't traditionally trained in the flower world and perhaps thats to her advantage, with a background in fine art you see that reflect in her work. Shes been featured by everyone but I had to see it myself. As someone who has a strong interest in plants, flowers and anything that grows. I had to go take part and learn how these creations are made.

I reached out to Sarah, as I do with most who's work inspires me. I asked if I could come spend the day with her, lend a hand, take some photos. Learn what I could from the flower guru. Saipua's studio is located on a cute cobblestone street in Red Hook. It still feels sleepy there in comparison to most of Brooklyn, a few cute restaurants, cafes and art galleries. Not the easiest to get to and thats probably why it remains a hidden little gem. Saipua has a small little store front, and the studio in the back. Thats where the magic happens.

On the day I was there, they were creating arrangements for a wedding. I was given a station and explained the concept. "Nothing is wrong" she said. Each should follow a similar structure and concept, but be different none the same. Working with colors, in a very similar way to how I work with photographs and design as a whole. While the idea of arranging flowers was very different, the concept of creating a flow of colors, all complimenting each other was something I spend hours doing. Making things cohesive and fluid, is something I take very seriously. I assure you that this type of flower designing is extremely challenging and takes lots of practice. The lovely people behind Saipua are creative geniuses, utitlizing all the beautiful flowers nature has supplied for us. I just cant get enough of it.

Sarah is quite the badass photographer herself and writes a blog here.
They also make luscious soaps and candles.
They teach classes here.
Read more about the people behind the scenes.

147 Van Dyke Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231


  1. WHAT AN AMAZING FLOWER ARRANGEMENT. Can't take my eyes off it. Beautiful.

  2. "Nothing is wrong" -- what a great quote. I think that can be applied to creative projects in general. Love this post.

  3. what an enchanting experience!

  4. sigh ... I've never been there but I simply adore their website.

  5. I am new to your blog and I have to say I am in love...
    God your photography is gorgeous!!!
    And this is beautiful!!!

  6. What a gorgeous place and the beauty you show us in your photos is stunnig!

  7. lucky girl. and I love warmth, darkness + stillness of these photos. gorgeous.

  8. Beautiful. Beyond words.

  9. What a dream!! such a perfect place to spend a day this time of year! I hope you brought home a soap!

  10. your photos are just breathtaking! so lovely!!!

  11. Your photos are so beautiful, they are flemish paintings!

  12. Your pictures are amazing! I think what makes these flower arrangements so beautiful is that they feel so natural. Love it!



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