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My dear readers, I'm apologizing to you for my lack of culinary posts as of late. Usually there is a bit more of a balance, but what can I say "It's Spring!". Plants, vegetables, flowers? All the same interests right?

I promise to prepare something lovely with Spring produce soon. To be honest many of my favorites have yet to hit the farmers market stalls; fava beans, peas, etc. Soon enough, I also heard news that asparagus just hit the markets yesterday. Until then aren't you guys happy looking at beautiful flowers? I've been obsessed, the smells, the color and the life appearing before my eyes.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is one of my favorite places in the city. In the last few years they have added a new vegetable and herb garden. I geek out looking at vegetables. Seeing lettuces pop out of the soil makes me crave their vibrant fresh taste in my salad bowl. Am I the only one who salivates over a good salad? Nothing better. I decided to put the gardens up in two posts. Next up Cherry Blossoms, Lilacs and Wisteria.


  1. Love the spring flowers. I love the way dirt photographs! I did a post on brussell sprouts I pulled from the ground with dirt hanging on. It had such a great color. Love your post.

  2. Will wait for more fresh vegetables hitting the market... till then having a fantastic time looking at the flowers. Congratulations on your blog being a finalist in the Saveur Food Blogger Award - my votes are your's. Regarding a day in Saipua - are the pictures been taken in natural light? How do you do the cloudy effect? Am an amateur so very technical reply might put me back into my shell - so please be kind!

  3. I love flower shots!!' keep'em coming :)

  4. I could sell my soul foe a tasty salad dear, what are you talking about? ;)

     In Whirl of Inspiration

  5. I love being surrounded by flowers! Haha :)

  6. A carpet of little blue flowers makes my heart happy at this time of the year--thanks so much for sharing!

  7. What a great way to start the day! I've reposted it on our Napa Valley Bath facebook so many more can enjoy!

  8. I just love flowers! Beautiful pictures



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