Since I'm not traveling anywhere tropical anytime soon, I was happy to have a moment to visit the BK Botanical Gardens while I was in Prospect Heights the other day. I've been to the gardens through out the seasons but never in the winter. May I say how strange it was to see little flowers popping out of the ground in February. Hello global warming, while I will never complain about the mild winter we have been having. I am a tad bit worried that we will have some freak snow storm and it will mess up the beautiful blooming process that we get here on the East Coast. I also noticed some blossoms about to bud down the street. It's pretty odd and I wanted to whisper to them "Hey guys, just a little longer I promise". I personally cant wait for the bright boom of colors, for longer days and to be honest I am damn sick of root vegetables and I want Spring produce. Photos from above were taken in the Tropical atrium, it was a nice hot humid break. I've always been in love with plants, so beautiful they are.


  1. Gorgeous pictures. I can understand that you enjoyed the tropical break!
    Have a nice day. :)

  2. I love these black & white stills. The last one is so interesting looking! Ack, the textures are amazing. Love your blog.

  3. oh these are lovely and I am so with you in having had enough of winter, although winter in the south of china is pretty mild everything is sadly grey, sometimes it's nice too many times , definitely not.

  4. Amazing how much depth your photos in black&white show. Thanks a lot for the virtual trip through the botanical garden. Very much appreciated since it's stil minus something outside :-)

  5. I like how with the black & white photos, the texture really shines through. Beautiful!

  6. These photos remind me when I revealed in my old lab photographs, make me feel good moments spent watching those shots that appear to Madrid, I'm a big fan of your photography and black and white photos are just perfect., thanks for sharing.



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