The Little Things...


little things

Sometimes its the little things, that bring me joy. A warm cup of tea, fresh flowers and a clean apartment. What little things bring you joy? Saturday was 60 degrees in NYC, weirdest January ever. Have a nice week everyone.

little things2


  1. coming here! impromptu fall walks in the winter, a sound of bird i never heard, my husband taking my hand while we drive through the mountains..

  2. I love it when all the laundry is done and put away. It sure doesn't last long!

  3. puuuurdy! love that gorgeous tea cup amid all that space on the stool/table. I agree on the little things, I love waking up next to my man and seeing his early morning grin and relaxing with a cuppa and some warm brownie after I've cleaned our apartment!

  4. Pretty. Love the b&w, Nicole.

  5. Your apartment always looks so neat. Also I love that little wooden chair you have there.

  6. I'm so with you on the little things! Big things are wonderful but the little things are better.

    Now I'm off to the kitchen to make me some spicy Indian tea and then it'll be a day of editing, editing, editing. I'm hoping to squeeze in a little reading too.

  7. Amazing blog! I absolutely loved your photos. They are so simple and delicious. Can I talk about you and show some of your photos in my blog? (

    Sorry for my english..I'm from Brasil.




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