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IMG_7082 IMG_7126 IMG_7092 IMG_7390 IMG_7090 IMG_7392 IMG_7125 Jack_Greenhouse Mgmnt_YFC 2011_photo by Nicole Franzen IMG_7300 IMG_7266 IMG_7080 IMG_7398

A few more captures from Stone Barns during a recent visit to shoot the Young Farmer's Conference. I love being up on the farm, it's my escape from reality and the city streets. It's relaxing and brings me back to earth. The interactions I have with the animals and the passionate farmers always leaves me feeling blessed. These are my people, people who are in touch with nature and the way things work. People who are capable of growing things. Growing things that make us healthy, and enable us to create dishes that soothe the soul. I feel like way too many people are disconnected to that. We share the planet with more things then just ourselves. It's important to remember that.

I've recently watched a few children's movies. The animal based characters always portraying man as a negative influence. Something that comes in and destroys forests, builds horrible monstrosities, harms the environment. At what point in our lives does this transition occur? Where we stop being kids and looking at the animals as are our friends. When money, our jobs, and the busy adult lives take over. If we all kept even a little bit of our childhood love for animals as adults we would be in a much better place. The dog in the last photo and I had a moment. A moment of true affection and understanding. Though it may sound odd it was one of the best interactions I've had in a long time. I instantly fell in love with that pup and the feeling was mutual. I stood with her at the back of a pick up truck while she rested her paw on my shoulder. A moment too perfect, one that makes me want to leave everything and start a small farm of my own. Makes me question whats really important. Animals are so much easier to love, I wish people would stop hurting them. Most of my viewers know how I feel about vegetables and even though I didn't go into specifics about farming. The video below is great and inspiring, featuring the young farmer's and why they farm. Love them.

Voices from the 2010 Young Farmers Conference from Stone Barns Center on Vimeo.


  1. Lovely! thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs, and love the video.

  2. This is beautiful, both the photography and the writing. And I know what you mean about having 'a moment' with an animal. My dog, when she was still alive, and I shared many of those moments - where we would just connect in a way that transform a moment. And us. Amazingly, I had just such a moment last spring in the Galapagos with a sea lion; one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. Thanks for bringing up those memories.

  3. Nikole, how beautifully you captured tha soul of that pup with your camera! Such an inspiration!

  4. You've taken the words from right out of my head. Reading what you wrote at such a busy and often hectic time of the year, it's so refreshing. I think it's important to remember what is important. The part where you wrote, "These are my people, people who are in touch with nature and the way things work." I feel like we all have kindred spirits (including animals!) who just make us feel like the people we want to be and that summed it up in that sentence for me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beautiful photographs as always! I loved listening to all on that video as well, it's nice to know there are many like minded people out there! Merry Christmas! Karyn

  5. You really do have the most perfect job: taking photographs, going to beautiful places like this, and animals. Oh the animals! That pup is so handsome and that's so wonderful that you got to share a little moment with her.

    I'm a huge dog lover. I blame it on my parents, specifically my dad who can't pass by a dog without petting it. He will literally go out of his way to pet one, as if he has a special sense for knowing when a dog is around. My family and I always pick on him about it, but come to find out, now that I'm in San Francisco, I'm exactly the same way! There are SO many dogs here and every time I see one I get this little excitement inside and I have the urge to pet and cuddle every single one. I've had a few "moments" with a few pups and it just makes my day.

    On specific time, there was one such dog walking behind her owner in Pottery Barn and as she passed by me I kinda wiggled my hand very slightly in hopes of getting her attention and she immediately stopped next to me and let me pet her for awhile. I talked to her owner and then stood up and she started to walk away and then I said something and she came back, just magnetizing herself to me. It was so sweet.

    Anyway, I could go on and on about all the pups here (as I'm sure you must've noticed when you were here yourself), but I'll refrain. Anyway, it's one of my absolute favorite things about this place.

  6. I'll see the video later but your text and the photos goes right into my heart.
    Have a beautiful week!

  7. Oh, this is so beautiful Nicole. All: pictures, words and that inspiring video. I love to see how seasons change this farm, keep giving us more of this stuff!.



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