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Dearest readers and friends, I apologize for the lack of recipes & overall attention on the blog lately. Maybe it hasn't been too noticeable but I feel as though I have been neglecting it. Where has the time gone? It's almost winter and I feel like the months are flying past me. Over the next few weeks I will be spending all my time in my home kitchen/studio preparing lots of recipes for fellow clients. Some of which I will surely share.

On other notes I had a nice little interview over on ABC home's blog, Reveal. I know many of us are big fans of ABC home and it truly is an incredible place that hosts some of the best furnishings/decor around. Also my story for Edible Manhattan Magazine just came out in their Nov/Dec issue. I photographed a story based on the "Feast of Seven Fishes". Being able to do what I love most, which is to photograph amazing food makers and to learn more about Italian cultures. Did I mention I love my job? So that was fun, be sure to pick up a copy. Also if your an instagraming addict like I am be sure to add me there.





  1. oh my, that fried seafood plate is making me drool all over my computer. congrats on the publication! so awesome. :)

  2. The fish photos look amazing! I hope to one day be where you are professionally :)

  3. You can neglect us as much as you want when you're doing such a wonderful job ... just check in with us every now and then to share the beauty ;-)

  4. For the record, I love your job, too. And, I must say, you do it fabulously! Gorgeous photos, as always.

  5. This great Nicole. How did you manage to set up the chef and man and the dishes made with the fishes? was this planed for you, maybe by the writer or Mag? great shots.

  6. So glad you're back! It does sound like you're busy doing things you really love and that make you happy. :-) That is fantastic!

  7. I love your photos! We eat the fishes like that in Spain.



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