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Tea is a very important part of our lives. It nourishes the soul and warms the body. I have always loved tea, but dating a British man took it to a whole other level. We dont just drink tea, tea is a way of life. On average G and I will drink 4-6 cups a day while we are home working. While I love coffee and appreciate a good cup, I can usually only handle one. If I drink more I become a total mess, anxiety and the shakes take over my body, to then crash. Tea is something that I can drink all day and has healing properties. While I feel I am still learning much about tea, I have my favorites. I recently became addicted to Bellocq's Hindu Holiday tea. Now when I taste other teas nothing seems to compare. I have become a true fan of this beautiful tea shop. I am so happy to have it only a mere block away. While its open only on the weekends I manage to pop my head in every chance I get. If you live in New York City may I urge you to make the trip. To open your minds to the wonderful world of Bellocq teas. Their creative blends will knock your socks off and leave you craving more. The image above is tea time at our house. The images below are all of Bellocq Tea Atelier taken by me. You can learn more about them on their website. The photos on their website were taken by the talened Anna Williams. Andrea Gentl also shared a lovely post about them here.












BELLOCQ Tea Atelier
104 West Street
Greenpoint, NY 11222
Atelier Hours: Friday & Saturday 12-7pm


  1. Also love tea and this shoop looks lovely

  2. wonderful photos. your lucky you live so close! I love drinking tea, especially this time of year :)

  3. Beautiful, so beautiful!

  4. This post is so timely. Having just returned from Ireland and served tea each afternoon, I could definitely add this daily routine to my love of coffee. I am also watching Downton Abbey and just love to see all of the ways that tea is served in the series. Your photos are beautiful and that top photo is gorgeous.

  5. tea is life! and judging by your gorgeous photos, a trip to nyc just to visit bellocq seems like a perfectly wonderful and life affirming thing to do..

  6. It's like a journey back in time. You've captured the essence of the shop here so beautifully. I'm a tea addict.

  7. What a beautiful tea setting in the first photo (congrats on that chair, I saw it on FB!).

    What is it with tea that makes it so wonderfully addictive? Last summer when hubby was in the USA I bought a pack of some organic tea especially for the kids and we used to drink tea and then go early to bed and read. Since then they almost ask for a cup of tea every single night. It's a wonderful tradition.

    PS. I just read your story from the past. Thanks for sharing that. I'm glad you decided to travel ;-)

  8. Exceptional photos that capture the essence of the serene and reflective mood of your neighborhood tea shop; inspired, yet comforting.

  9. We are tea drinks in our family as well. It's the british heritage. Love this tea shop and these images, Nicole. Really love that second image and the colours.

  10. gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS Nicole. I love your unique refreshing. In fact, I must give it a mention on my own blog manana.

  11. Tea time at your house sounds lovely! I love tea as well and drink it every day. Beautiful pictures at your home and at the tea shop. The tone is gorgeous.

  12. This looks amazing! I just went to a tea and chocolate shop today and fell in love.

    I wish we lived in the same city! I'd love to meet you and pick your brain!

  13. It seems appropriate that I am drinking tea while reading this post :) My family is from Russia and tea is a hugely important ritual. We drink it in the morning, afternoon and night. I've cut my tea habit a bit (replacing it with coffee) but I still know how to enjoy this quiet, ritual which, at it's core, is really about connecting with yourself and the people around you. Gorgeous photos as always.

  14. What beautiful photos! Tea is something I love as well, but normally I just stick with Earl Grey. I need to make it more of a priority in my life to learn about and try different kinds of tea.



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