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On my quick trip to Northern California last month, I only spent one day exploring the city. In that one day I managed to do a far share of walking. I was dropped off, camera in hand at the park right below the Golden Gate Bridge. I then walked through the Marina district, grabbed a quick tea with a friend and continued up the steep incline to the top of Lombard street. Working my way down to the Fisherman's Wharf and jumped on a trolly to the Old Ferry Building. Walked around the Ferry Building and checked out all the awesome foodie spots. Then walked through downtown and Chinatown and back up the hill again. The hills are MASSIVE. If I lived there and walked as much as I do here, I would be in incredible shape! I am no stranger to insane hills, but very used to New York's flat terrain and this was a serious workout!

When I lived in the Caribbean the hills were also like this. Though, I was carrying bottles of water, groceries, laundry and everything else you need for your home up these steep ass hills. Best to switch off from walking forwards to backwards up these massive inclines. I was in the best shape of my life living down in the islands, I felt like jungle woman. Wandering through the tropical brush, iguanas and creatures living in every inch. I used to need to a flash light to make it home. Meanwhile, its humid and hot. When it used to rain, I could barely make it up my driveway, having to usually crawl my way up. Anyway enough about that, these hills were steep!








I obviously fell in love with the Old Ferry Building, everything I could ever want. Cowgirl Creamery, Slanted Door, Hog Island Oysters and Blue Bottle Coffee. What more could you want? Plus a handful of other awesome shops. I missed the Farmer's Market here, as I mentioned in a previous post but the San Rafael Farmer's Market in Marin was awesome. While it was nice to pop through Fisherman's Wharf it is extremely touristy and not really the type of "food" I was looking for. The Ferry Building is where its at, if you are serious about good food. Though I had a great time capturing the Wharf. I wish I had more time to really eat at the long list of restaurants I wanted to try and to explore some other neighborhoods. Until next time my lovely San Francisco. Oh, I also just want to mention how amazed I was with the clean air. It smelled fresh, crisp with hints of wildflowers. SF can you teach NYC your clean ways? Thanks. You can view more photos on La Buena Vida's Facebook page.







  1. Magnifique !
    J'ai l'impression d'y ĂȘtre... (I'm feeling like being there !)

  2. Beautiful,Nicole.I've never been but San Fran has been on my list for a while now. This might have bumped it up!

  3. Beautiful pictures, Nicole! Looking at these bring back so many good memories of my trip to SF last summer. You're such a talented photographer!

  4. I would like to go here too !! ^^

  5. That looks like quite an adventure! I'm jealous- I love wandering around a city with my camera, exploring. Thanks for sharing!

  6. These are so breathtaking!

  7. Gorgeous shots!

    Wishing I could crack open a crab at the Wharf and then head to the Ferry Building for coffee and macarons right about now :)

  8. I know what you mean about the hills. Your account reminds me of when I used to walk all over the city, from neighborhood to neighborhood. It's fun because the city is so walkable, but the hills can be killer. But when you find a good cafe to rest for a snack, doesn't it feel well-earned?

  9. Absolutely gorgeous photos of this beautiful City that I now call home. Thanks!

  10. I feel like the only comment I ever have here is "gorgeous" - it always rings true :)
    I loved San Francisco when I went but it's been years and years, must make it back!

  11. Gorgeous pics! I was there 8 years ago now... and it still feels like yesterday after looking at your photos!

  12. Beautiful pictures Nicole. I love San Francisco too. Been there so many times and yet never tire of going back.

  13. wonderful photographs! i still can't believe that this is MY city... and i have yet to take any pictures (i'm really not sure why i haven't taken any yet; does that make me a bad photographer?)

  14. It's so nice to see these pictures and all of the food spots I liked in SF...I can't believe that after living in SF and NYC, I'm on the other side of globe now...back in Poland, though I'm moving to England next week;).

  15. gorgeous photos, I went ot San Fran when I was 11 with my family and I've always wanted to visit as an adult, so thanks for cementing that wish for to find a fairy to make it come true....

  16. Love these photos! Such a beautiful city.

  17. Nicole! So I think I was already following you on Twitter, which is how I started following you on Instagram, but I don't know if I've ever read your blog. Today, I saw one of your comments on Sophisticated Gourmet and thought, Nicole Franzen! She's the one with the great Instagram shots! And I am delighted to see your blog photography is even more impressive. Love your views of San Francisco. Just beautiful!

  18. So funny to see such a different perspective on my city. It's easy to get caught in a little triangle of the three neighborhoods nearest me - especially since I walk everywhere. I never venture to the Marina or any of those neighborhoods. Next time, you'll have to check out food spots in the Mission, which is the best neighborhood ever, despite its trendiness.



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