San Francisco's Chinatown











I will admittedly say that Chinatown in San Francisco blew my mind. While exploring the city I decided to take a stroll through the heart of it. While initially their was a ton of tourists, I managed to escape and landed in the heart of the market place. I immediately felt like I had flown someplace much further then California. There were no gringos in sight. I had asked a local grocer if in fact those were durian fruit (which I have never seen in real life and only heard stories about) and he responded to me in a firm Mandarin. As if to say "No English will be spoken in these parts".

The smells and sights were some completely foreign to me. Dried fish in boxes along the road with vegetables & fruits I'd never seen before. Extensive tea and spice shops. I felt foreign and completely out of place, I loved it. Finally something new, new food, new sites, something culinary that wasn't totally predictable. That being said I tried nothing! I was too in awe behind my camera and exploring the area to eat anything. I was totally smitten with the interactions I was encountering. Plus I will be honest to say that dried fish ain't really my thing. I only like fish when it's super fresh out of the sea and most certainly doesn't taste fishy. I am not really a huge fan of pickled fish or even smoked fish. I know that my Scandinavians friends will gasp. What can I say I like my fish fresh and well everything else too in that matter. I did have a truly fantastic time exploring this area and I recommend getting lost there if you ever make a visit.






  1. Wonderful photo tour of Chinatown in SF! Years ago here, my husband and I had to our first taste of dim sum!

  2. I love SF Chinatown. When we lived in California, we would frequent there just so that I feel like I am a bit closer to home (Thailand). I love the smells and the markets and watching the tiny old Chinese ladies walking up those hills. Nothing quite like it in the States! Thanks for bringing back good memories.

  3. Gorgeous pictures, I feel like I was there (I wish!!)!

  4. Hi Nicole !
    I've been following your blog from Spain since a few month and I have to say I LOVE it. It may be my favorite of all the blogs I follow. Your photos are always wonderful and the themes of your posts are really interesting or at least make me feel to know more about them.
    Neither am I really fan of fried fish and I have to recognize I wouldn't dare to taste them in such a market.
    Anyway, thank you for sharing with us all these bits of your life, they are really welcomed !

  5. I would love to visit SF one day! Beautiful photos Nicole! And please keep safe in NYC - I'm thinking of you! xx

  6. Did you know that you can find durian fruits in NYC Chinatown too? ;)

  7. I would really like to visit SF one day!

    Great photos ... feel like I am beginning to repeating myself with that phrase ;-)

  8. Smart girl to have prohibited anything past your lips in Chinatown. Hurray for pesticide laden produce! Farm raised fish! Factory meat! Extremely dangerous food is sold in Chinatown.

  9. it's so interesting, isn't it?! when i went in march, i wanted to buy so many little boxes and statues and little souvenirs. not that tourist-y ones, but the intricately carved, traditional ones. i can't wait to go back and explore some more!

  10. These are lovely photos! I took similar photographs a few months ago when I was in San Francisco. Don't you just love the lanterns?

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