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As I have mentioned in the past, baking is not one of my strongest skills. I give tons of props to those who are truly amazing at it. I dont seem to have those baking instincts. If something doesn't work out, I have no idea what I did wrong or how I could fix it. I will stick to the savories for now :) Balancing salt and acid, no problem.

It was a scorching hot day here in the city. It seems to have become summer over night. New York is one big tease, the weather goes up and down and its either all or nothing. You get used to those drastic weather changes, but sometimes you want to yell at the sky and say "Give me some consistant weather! damn you!" So that being said I was lazy and I will admit that I bought something already made. If you have the time, patience and your not worried about turning up the heat on your oven, then you should make it from scratch. I bought angel food cake from Whole Foods Bakery, my bad :P Top it off with macerated strawberries, some freshly whipped cream and your good to go. So delicious, light, fresh and it screams summer. This would be perfect for entertaining and impressing people.


1 container of fresh strawberries
2 cups of heavy cream
1 tablespoon of sugar
teaspoon of vanilla extract
angel food cake


Rinse and slice strawberries, place in a bowl. Sprinkle a 1/2 tablespoon of sugar over the strawberries. Depending on how sweet your berries are this can be adjusted. Right now at the start of the season the berries aren't that sweet, later in the summer I may use less. The sugar pulls out the juices from the strawberries and also creates a lovely sauce. This is called macerating. It's a great technique with any berry. Add two cups of cold heavy cream to a bowl. Add 1/2 tablespoon of sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Whip with a whisk till firm peaks. There is no reason to buy canned whip cream! It's so easy and tastes a million times better. Place a slice of angel food cake on a plate, top with a dollop of whip cream, cover in the strawberries and add some fresh mint.


  1. I love all your photos and nothing beats strawberries + angelfood cake, espi in the summer!

    I also love the arrangement of the pics and how you displayed them on the blog page! Great shots, great creativity and use of technology. All the pieces and parts of photography + blogging coming together!

  2. YUM!!! I will definitely be making this for dessert this weekend. (It's kind of guilt free, kind of!)

  3. your photos never fail. i have "some strawberry dessert" scribbled on my grocery list for this week. perhaps this will do the trick.

  4. drooling all over my laptop ... not a pretty sight! ;-)

    I think I overdosed on strawberries the other day. But now I'm ready for more!

  5. Me encanta el plato en que lo presentaste! Love strawberries... voy a probar esto con raspberries, it could work!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Gorgeous shots, love that you mixed in some black & white image and the recipe is simple, perfect and easy

  7. Such gorgeous shots; the mix of b/w and color is stunning. You photography makes my heart flitter; I love it!

  8. looks tasty...thank you for this beautiful blog, it´s really inspiring, i spent here all yesterday evening:-)

  9. I've been craving this exactly for weeks now, it definitely screams summer! Might just have to put my craving to rest this week, thanks for the inspiration :)
    Your photos are amazing as usual, love the strawberries shot!

  10. Yummmmm! Oh my! This looks so tasty!

    New to your blog; happy I found you!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  11. Oh Nicole, i just met your blog yesterday and fell in love with the pictures and the food, but it wasn't until a few moments ago that i red your about page, and gosh, i fell in love with you (well, in a figurative way, of course). Me encantó y voy a seguir visitándote seguido, las fotos son excelentes y la comida tiene toda la pinta! Te escribo así porque soy de Montevideo, Uruguay, la otra capital del Río de la Plata. Just a bit in englsih and a bit in spanish for curious readers of you who might wanna know what did i wrote ;)

    Excelente blog, inspiradora comida simple y sana. Espero aprender mucho! Y te escribo acá porque justo ayer me compré una batidora y ahora quiero hacer tortas y chantilly ;)



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