Rhubarb Apple Pop Tarts with Camille Becerra


{Portion out dough into 6 equal pieces. Put half of the dough back in fridge until ready to use}

{Roll out each portion into rectangle}

{Peel, core and slice apples and rhubarb}

{Cut rectangle in half}

{Spoon filling onto one half}

{Brush borders with egg-water wash}

{Place its half on top, trim excess to make a perfect rectangle and crimp edges}

{Make a few small splits on top}

{Bake in a 400 degree preheated oven, for 10 min or till golden}

Rhubarb Apple Pop-Tarts
Recipe by Camille Becerra, Photography by me
Makes 6

Pop-Tart Dough Recipe

2 cups flour, preferably organic
1 tsp sea salt
2 tbl sugar
250 g organic butter or shortening
¼ cup iced water
1 organic egg

By hand or food processor stir together dry ingredients, cut in the butter and add
water slowly until the dough adheres to itself.

Wrap and rest in fridge for at least ½ hour.

Rhubarb-Apple Filling

1 green apple, peeled & cut
1/2 cup sugar
Few gratings of nutmeg
1/4 tsp cinnamon
3-5 rhubarb stalks, depending on their size.
Pinch sea salt
2 tbls flour

Gently sauté apples in small amount of olive oil or butter, add the sugar and
spice, follow with the rhubarb and sprinkle the flour when fruit is toothsome.

See step by step instructions in photos above :)


Camille Becerra is a NYC based chef and restaurateur. As a chef she is known for incorporating the Latin spices of her heritage as well as her dedication to sourcing local quality and sustainable ingredients. She believes her approach to healthy applications and classic techniques lends itself to maximizing flavor.

After graduating from the Academy of Culinary Arts at the top of her class Ms Becerra spent the following years traveling the country, working on farms, and cooking at top restaurants in Los Angeles CA, Philadelphia PA, Cape May NJ, and Santa Fe NM. A student of Macrobiotic Cuisine she’s cooked privately for Cancer patients helping them in their recovery and at a Zen monastery as head cook, or Tenzo cooking for 103 year old Joshu Sasaki Roshi and his monks. When arriving back to NYC she began working in the front of the house, positioning herself to realize her dream of one day opening up her own restaurant.

In 2005 she became the proud Chef and owner of Paloma, a Brooklyn restaurant known for it’s daily changing menu that reflected the current availability of local product and creativity of its chefs. The kitchen coined its cuisine, Urban American. After a 3-year stretch a fire shuttered its doors in 2008.

In 2007, Ms. Becerra was given the opportunity to be a contestant on Top Chef Season 3. There she learned the inner workings of television as well as gained many friendships and mentors from within the show’s staff.

Chef Becerra has her finger on the pulse of the newest and most interesting culinary trends. She is the creator and founder of The Hunger, A Pop-Up Restaurant Series and has worked hand in hand with local farms like Queens County Farm to help bring awareness to the farm to table movement. The menu at the farm dinners utilizes solely what the farm produces and all proceeds go to back to the farm to help with children educational programs. She chronicles her experiences with food in her blog, MyPersonalFeast. She currently lives in Manhattan with her 10-year old foodie daughter, Paloma.


  1. Loved your photos and recipe also!!!Great

  2. AH! i just had an amazing cherry rhubarb pie from westville. if only i had the kitchen space and TIME to make this goodie!

    gorgeous shots of course.

  3. Thank you for the introduction. Now I won't be able to go to bed because I'll think of nothing except rhubarb apple top tarts and that definitely is not something that makes one fall asleep!

    Stunning photography, as always!

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    Seriously, amazing work!

  7. Amazing photos of these delicious tarts as well as a great story about the Chef behind them!

  8. superb images. Wish I could have some now! :)

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    LOVING the shape of those pop tarts. I´m heading over to Camille´s blog to check it out.

  15. I just made these but had no rhubarb. They were amazing even without it. Thanks! Your photography is also very beautiful.

  16. Nicole,
    I seriously lost my breath when finding your blog. So pure, simple and beautiful. Thanks for great inspiration and food for all my senses!



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