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Where do I even start. I was so excited to post this that I am at a loss for words. I literally woke up at 6 am and all I could think about was this post. This topic makes me excited, makes passion and inspiration pump through my body. Every time I step on to this rooftop it's an emotional experience. It's tough to explain and some might think I am crazy. Maybe I am getting older, maybe I am very sensitive to my environments. But I feel things, I feel them deep, I feel them on a level that isn't really explanatory. Its my senses. Maybe its the length of time I have spent in the city. When I see the ocean, when I feel nature, I tear up. I cant stress enough how important and magnificent it is. It is commonly overlooked. Its a place of growth, a place of love and pure magic. Mother nature is so much more complex and amazing then us measly humans whom destroy it. Being a photographer and someone who loves to cook these are the things that inspire me. How could you not feel passionately about the whole process from start to finish. The growth, the preparation and the consuming, the way it makes us feel. Well its just magic.


This farm is literally 5 blocks from my home in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A fully functioning, self sustainable farm on a warehouse rooftop overlooking the Manhattan Skyline. Pretty damn incredible. On Sunday, it was an overcast chilly day here in New York. I decided it was time to go back for a visit. They were having a plant/herb sale and I wanted to by some new herbs to grow. Upon walking on to the roof it was magical. The light soft, the sky grey, the city covered in thick rainy clouds. People can volunteer on Sundays and they were busy at work pulling and sorting greens. They often have classes and discussions. Last year I went to a cooking demo with The Van Leeuwens. They made a fish curry that they had learned while in Bali.

The energy of the farm is calm, people snap out of their city stresses, people think its fabulous just as I do. We talk about ways to cook things, eat right out of the ground. Rooftop farming and Urban Agriculture are becoming more and more popular. Young and passionate farmers are creating a whole new era of farming. I could not be anymore exited about it! If you had asked me when I was younger whether or not I would ever want to be a farmer I would of laughed at you. Now there are few things that I feel so passionately about and couldn't be anymore excited to learn about. Brooklyn Grange is another incredible rooftop farm in the same area.


Farm to Table

They have a small market setup at the farm on Sunday. I picked up some spinach, baby kale and arugula. A handful of herbs; oregano, lavender and chive blossoms. And a bunch of French Breakfast radishes. All the veggies were grown within 5 blocks of my house, talk about eating local! I made a delicious super fresh salad. Oh yeah dont eat the Bunnies please, I met them when they were born at the farm and now they are adults. They are too precious to eat and the chickens on the farm aren't killed either.

Learn more about the farm, visit or volunteer.


Rooftop Green Salad with a Chive Blossoms & Herbs


1 handful of arugula
1 handful of baby kale
1 handful of spinach
chive blossoms
olive oil
red wine vinegar
sea salt & pepper


Wash greens and veggies well. Combine all ingredients and toss with olive oil and vinegar. Season, taste and adjust as needed. Shaved parmesan on top. Straight forward, fresh, delicious.



  1. ooh i've been meaning to check this place out!
    it does look wonderful. the one big thing i miss about home in jersey is my parent's backyard garden. in the summer, they never have to shop for vegetables!

  2. Wow! This rooftop farm is such a great idea (and beautiful place!) Love the atmosphere of your pictures!

  3. how wonderful! I know just how you feel. I am so inspired by my weekly CSA box and just how beautiful the vegetables are...sometimes I get choked up too. I have such a deep respect for those who grow my food and I am happy I can support them. Yesterday I had to go to Acme and it was awful! I am so thankful that I have resources and options that I feel a strong connection to.

  4. Absolutely incredible photos Nicole as always! My sister who is a CIA grad and now chef for Bryan Voltaggio really got me into the farm to table movement years ago and I too have such an appreciation for the farmers and their hard work. Thanks for the lovely recipe too, how perfect for summer, so light and fresh! xoxo Have a wonderful week!

  5. Nicole this is a beautiful post..the pictures, the message, the food...lovely!

    I am lucky enough to live in San Diego where so much is locally grown and posted recently about tree to my table avocados, handpicked JUST FOR ME, by the grower. Between the farmers markets and CSA boxes, Im super spoiled in So Cal :)

    I love the Dont eat the Bunny photo. It's amazing!

  6. Lovely post, thanks for sharing. Mother nature can always be found...even on a Brooklyn rooftop. Very cool.

  7. What gorgeous photos! We recently wrote an article on them and I'm dying to visit.

  8. Just beautiful! I tear up at mother natures marvels all the time. Nature is so beautiful an you have captured it perfectly.

  9. Nicole, this post, the photos, and your writing are all just absolutely beautiful. I love this too much for words. have you read Animal, Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver? All about eating local and growing your own food - so inspirational. We had our first strawberry from our garden this weekend (the first of anything we've harvested so far) and it was truly an exciting experience - we grew this. we tended to it. we kept the weeds off of it with our bare hands and now it's feeding us.

    Anyway, lovely post.

  10. Try as we might, the force of nature is stronger than man. Perhaps Patience is the key. Add Ingenuity and Passion to the mix and anything is possible!

  11. What a great project!!Loved your photos always :-)

  12. This is such an inspiring post! I definitely want to check out! And the photos are heaven !

  13. No wonder you were so excited about this. Reading about initiatives like this makes me more optimistic about human nature. Beautiful pics. Thanks.

  14. No wonder you were so excited about this. Reading about initiatives like this makes me more optimistic about human nature. Beautiful pics. Thanks.

  15. photoes are very VERY good. thanks for photo trip, I loved it

  16. Absolutely, ridiculously gorgeous photos. I want to live on that roof!

  17. This post just warms my heart. I love your blog as well!

  18. hello fellow new yorker! i'm inspired by your photos and green lifestyle. i'm pretty sure we are kindred spirits.

  19. Gorgeous photography! And the recipe sounds divine.

  20. Amazing photos. And delicious.

  21. Nicole, this place looks incredible. Thank you for capturing it so beautifully, and for sharing it with us.

  22. what a wonderful rooftop farm!. I totally understand your excitment for sharing this great sustainable green idea in hectic NY.

    Yo quiero comerme al bunny pero a besos!! :)

  23. you said the magic word in the first paragraph: MAGIC.

    How cool is that?

  24. Es increible!!!! I'm dying to find something like this in Buenos Aires!!! Loved the post!

  25. SO GORGEOUS. (I thought I already commented on these?) The colors are rich and vivid and blowing me away. Love.

  26. Beautiful post Nicola, very inspiring, love it! :)

  27. “Rooftop farming and Urban Agriculture are becoming more and more popular.” – Very true! And, I think this is because of the environmental friendly benefits they provide. One of their common purposes aside from smartening up rooftops is that it could protect everyone living under the roof from the harsh weather. Rooftop gardens can effectively absorb rainwater to prevent water run-off and it offer a cooler atmosphere to everyone living inside the house.

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