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A quick flight to Cancun and we jumped into our jeep rental. And we were on our way down Mexico's highway 307 to Tulum. About 2 hours roughly, passing through another popular beach town of Playa del Carmen. The anticipation builds as you cant see the ocean until you make that left turn towards Boca Paila. Driving into the town our hearts were full of love. The excitement rushing through your body. There is nothing like it. My first thought was how they felt on the movie "The Beach" when they all arrived on that island in Thailand. I very similar feeling I had when I was 17 and moved to St John, it was my first time seeing the beaches after I arrived. Driving in the back of a pick up truck through the windy roads, the dense green forestry and warm air on my face. It was paradise and I remember it so clearly as if it were yesterday. The colors of the ocean are just so astonishing and it's hard to even put it into words. A very special moment in my life.

As we drove through the small town of cute open aired restaurants, small eco hotels and mexican shops. People playing guitar and drinking margaritas, a peaceful vibe with tiki torches lite and hammocks everywhere. Palapa styled rooftops and modest housing. Most places rely on wind and solar power. People riding bikes up and down the beach along the road. The air is thick in humidity, a slight constant breeze and a smell so sweet and fresh. I LOVE that air, it's home. It was so visually appealing to us being that we had just been through the dark canvas that is New York during the winter months. A very pleasant change in scenery, a much needed trip away. We pulled into the sand drive way of Coco. Checked in and was shown our adorable little cabana. Only a few steps from the ocean. It was heavenly, a very simple room but it was perfect for what we were looking for. A place to get far away from it all, a quiet spot on the sea. The cabanas are fairly small, a nice bed with mosquito net, a table, shelf and a view onto the ocean. You have your own private hammock as well as the ones scattered along the beach.

While being there you become very aware of the life around you. There are beautiful birds, bugs and animals. We share the planet with many things other then us, we tend to forget. I felt at peace with it and have missed it dearly. I grew up in a place where the night skies are black, where you see every star in the sky. I loved that about Tulum, I was reminded that we are living on an incredible planet. One that should never be taken advantage of. You wake with the sun and sleep with the moon. It was incredible to watch the sun setting over the jungle bright red and watching the moon rise over the ocean. These are the moments in life, this is what living is about. We will be back very soon.

Visit Coco Tulum's Website for more information and booking.


  1. When I think back to my own time in Tulum (I was there on a yoga teacher training intensive), this is EXACTLY how I feel about it:
    "we are living on an incredible planet. One that should never be taken advantage of. You wake with the sun and sleep with the moon. It was incredible to watch the sun setting over the jungle bright red and watching the moon rise over the ocean. These are the moments in life, this is what living is about. "

    So well said.

    And the photography...STUNNING!

    If you have posts where you discuss your camera, lens, editing software, etc I am all ears!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! It looks like another world -I imagine that is what paradise looks like.

  3. This place is so gorgeous. I have no words for it.

  4. Oh my.....Mexico is one of my most favourite places. When you say it is "home" that resonates with me. There's something about it that I hold so dear, after living there for a year.
    Your descriptive writing brought tears to my eyes and your photography is simply beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing this experience! x

  5. Thank you ladies for all the very kind and warm responses. It is a magical place and I am happy to hear many of you have experienced the same.

    @ Averie I created a FAQ part of my blog not too long ago where I discuss my equipement etc. Thanks for your interest and kind words.

    @ Lynette I teared up too writing about it :) How was Hawaii? It's next on the list. We want to go for a few months though. One week is just not enough.

    Thanks again ladies xx

  6. Wow this place is stunning! My husband and I are looking for a getaway and this might get moved to the top of the list!

  7. Love your blog and that you have been to (and blogging about) Tulum. I have just spent 5 weeks there myself. Being at the Caribbean coast made me realize how much I miss living in the nature and indeed "wake with the sun and sleep with the moon"... and I made a desicion to move from Amsterdam to Mexico. I have also some posts from Tulum on my new digital playground: http://globalista.tumblr.com

  8. I'm so enjoying reading your travel story and seeing the photos ... and I cannot stop thinking about the fruits. Simply fabulous.

  9. Un lugar absolutamente fantástico!

  10. Your photos have made me totally convinced that I NEED to visit Mexico! The last photo is just magical! ;-)

  11. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the details of your trip. Now let's just hope that my husband doesn't lose his teaching job so that we can go to Mexico for Christmas!

  12. My friend and I originally wanted to go to Tulum on vacation, but we didn't think going to Mexico was safe. We instead opted for Culebra Island in PR (and we weren't regretful at all lol), but we would still love to visit Tulum on our next trip. At any time, were you concerned about safety and security at all?

    Love your blog; and your photography is top-shelf. Thank you for sharing your travel experiences.

  13. Joe-My wife and I just came back from spending a week in Tulum(and at CoCo). We walked the road and the beach late at night and we had felt very safe. We were aware of our surroundings and felt very safe. There is a security check point with guards and some of the hotels have their own security guards walking around.

    CoCo Tulum is an amzing place along with the whole vibe of the beach. It is something that has to be experienced to understand. We are already planning on going back next year and bringing more people with us.

  14. I'm planning a trip to tulum in march. My concern is safety at night. Is it safe? I'm nervous about that.
    Thank you.

    1. I felt very safe in Tulum, we had no problems.



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