The New York Public Library


© Nicole Franzen Photography

The New York Public Library is such a gorgeous building. I'm surprised that I haven't ever taken photos here and also that I still haven't been inside. What's even more sad is that I don't read enough, stupid technology. Opened to the public in 1910, The New York Public Library is the third largest in the United States and considered one of the most important. Alongside Library of Congress, the Boston Public Library, and the university libraries of Harvard and Yale. How cool would it be to be able to experience New York City in 1910? Just one day, to dress how they did and ride in horse and buggy.



  1. I'm so glad you shared these gorgeous shots. When we visited NY last year in summer, the facade was covered in scaffolding and sheets. I had been so looking forward to photographing and exploring the library. :( I love the first shot! I just posted the first of my NY photos a few days ago, one with those very chairs!

  2. When I visited NY I sat on a green metal chair to relax. Your photos reminded me of that special moment.

  3. one of my favorite buildings ever. EVER. anywhere in the world.



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