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I must say, I am a fan of this new line of restaurants popping up all over the city. A combination of marketplace, raw bar, restaurant and coffee shop all in one. What more could you want? I went to photograph Jeffery's Grocery a few months back for one of my pieces to be included in Katie's magazine. Once I heard of a seafood tower it became an obsession and I had to have one. We had a divine tower with a variety of different oysters, clams, lobster, shrimp, scallops and caviar. All accompanied with your choice of dipping sauces. I cant live without cheese so we ordered a nice selection of cheeses and meats in addition. Followed along side with a good wheat beer and I am a happy camper. This is a perfect place to drop in for a quick coffee and pastry togo. You can grab a few things to take home to cook; vegetables, fruits, breads, condiments, sliced meats and cheeses. You can have a quick lunch in the back or indulge in an obscene amount of seafood and cheese (like we know how to). They offer three different sizes of seafood platters. We chose the largest "Plateau Royal de Mer" for $105, split between four not a bad price. Check them out if your in the West Village at 172 Waverly Place between Christopher & Grove.

© Nicole Franzen Photography


  1. It is on my list of things to day when I come to NY :-)

  2. If the photos are any indication of the food, then I must go ASAP. Great recommendation!

  3. Thank you for the recommendation. I love this atmosphere.

  4. Gorgeous photos, it all looks delicious!

  5. nice photo's! I like the sphere of bars etc.

    RE: the shoes are from MANGO. I bought them in sale for 50 euros. Last week, they still got them on the webshop, but Im not sure now..

  6. charming! i'll have to head there with a camera too one of these days.

  7. Gorgeous pictures as usual! Love the interior ones of the've inspired me to get my bum moving on some local posts I've been meaning to do. Thank you for that :)



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