Ohh New York, you have gone cold on me again. Your harsh bitter winds whip around the buildings like sharp blades into my face. Winter has left your streets with a palate of black, white, brown and red. I love you, though I find you hard to tolerate at times. Spring are you near? My eyes crave color and life. Winter has only begun, three months to go. You can do it, hope you don't get bored of my black and whites for now.


Anyone else craving the warm summer nights? Green grass, flowers and picnics. Bronzed skin, outdoor dining, flip flops and sundresses. Amazing fresh vegetables, salads galore and chilled rose. A moment of desire from my dark apartment, winds bustling outside. For right now I will stare at Katie's awesome photos of her shoot for Real Living. Congrats to her, it looks fabulous and I want to jump into those photos right now!

© Nicole Franzen Photography


  1. your blog is like a beautiful magazine. i've been loving looking through and it's happiness to find you! all my favorite things, food, photography and human interest. totally wanna jump into those pics of NY! but yes, we're wishing for some sunny shine days too. just had a snow storm blow through last night, however the rain today washed away all it's sparkles. seriously think Vancouver should join in on others bi-polar weather systems and have like a 70 degree blast or something. ♥

  2. I am sorry but I have to say I do miss snow...I would like just 1 day of snow here..instead it is just raining all the time...

  3. ah, lovely familiar sights in b/w.

    i am hardcore lusting for warmer weather already too. we've got a long ways to go though :(

  4. I'm finding your photos really amazing. B&Ws are super! Great blog.

  5. Absolutely marvellous photos! The city is very beautiful in B&W.

  6. B+W seems perfect for capturing the starkness of winter. I contemplate moving to NYC pretty regularly, but that winter really throws me off.

  7. I agree that B&W is great for capturing the mood of winter in NYC. Great shots!

  8. Beautiful photos! Although I miss spring, I could look at your black and white winter photos all year!



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