New Years Resolutions



Alright, so I know I am a little late on the New Year's Resolutions front. It is 1/11/11 and I have decided today that I am going to put my list of resolutions in place. Also the fact that I was so bloody ill over the holidays, I now have a fresh mind and am feeling myself again. Writing this all down is super important in order for me to make it permanent and to start taking the steps to a healthier happier life.

So here we go, my health. I love love love food. Sometimes to my disadvantage. Working in restaurants my whole life has definitely taken its toll. Warm bread with butter (an addiction) beer or glass of wine after work, those extra creamy awesome mashed potatoes at family meal. Well that all needs to stop. Not entirely as I have realized over the years any time I tell myself "NO" to something, the addiction spirals out of control and I eat everything in site. But I am now setting up a list of responsible eating habits. Including things like not eating a pizza and bread late night. I actually think I have a gluten allergy and I am going to try and cut back on those things as much as possible. I need to make sure that I am getting plenty of vegetables and fruits everyday. I am now making a smoothie every morning, full of 3-4 different different types of fruit and vegetables. I am going to try and cut back on how much olive oil and butter I am using in my cooking. I am also a serious salt addict and going to try and cut back on that as well. I eat really well, its not like I have to really change my eating habits that much. I just really need to watch my portion intake and how much of those rich delicious things can I really eat. Cheese I love you so much but you will be cut back.

Exercise, I really am not a fan. Over different periods of my life I have been really active and frequented the gym daily. Being honest though, I am just not a fan of the repetitive and tedious movements that entail. No, I cannot afford a personal trainer who would keep it interesting and really work my body out well. So I have decided to take on yoga again and also some sort of martial art. Capoeria or kick boxing to keep it interesting and also use that energy towards something positive yet rewarding.

Learning to relax, I will try hard to relax. Haha this is a tough one, I am a control freak and a perfectionist. But being that way over things that I cant change makes me mental. So that being said, I will try to not get upset over things a cant control and try to take a more relaxed route. Stress is a really awful thing and I would love to do with less of it. This is all a good start and I think I will start with this for now. Wish me luck!


  1. i just gave up white flour, sugar, and dairy. i´ll keep you posted. good luck my dear. i know you´ll feel better.

  2. I´m pretty much in the same situation (and I guess there are several others who are). Good luck with your intentions! You know as well as I that if you keep up the good work you will see results and feel so much better! (That is what I keep telling myself anyway ;-)

  3. Oh, good luck to you! Everything you wrote here sounds so familiar, as I'm doing the same -- eliminating gluten and cutting back on salt, olive oil, cheese (and joy, while I'm at it!).

  4. Good intentions for a new year. Good luck and come on!

  5. This can easily pass as my New Year's Resolutions:-) Good luck.



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