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I lived in Buenos Aires for year of my life, split into 3 different trips. When I first went in 06 I lived there for 7 months. I had such a fantastic time and really fell in love with the culture and way of life. After realizing my vacation was up, I thought the only place that would be good enough to compete with this fab city lifestyle I was living was NYC. I relocated to NYC and after 6 months I left for the winter back to Argentina. It worked out to my advantage that summer there is winter here and being that I am not a fan of the cold, lack of sun and overall dark appearance winter has, Buenos Aires is just what I needed. I had really hard moments in BsAs and really fantastic ones. I learned spanish and took on many of their customs. I met some of my favorite people in the world and it will always have a big part of my heart. Though my tastes and needs have changed and I no longer think that I would live in BsAs for the rest of my life, I still really appreciate the times I spent there. Many of these photos may be familiar to those who have know me for some time but as I was revamping my site I realized that the editing was really bad :P I no longer like heavy saturation and over edited images. So I went back and redid them to appease my style today. I could literally pour my heart out and talk about all my highlights of living there but I think it would take up way to much space :) If anyone ever needs recommendations feel free to reach out to me.

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  1. you make me cry!
    i miss BA, my family and my friends.
    besos. Pato (EN)

  2. What gorgeous shots, houses and colors!



  3. muy lindo nikki come back soon!!

  4. Your photos are so inspiring....thank you!

  5. WOW these pictures are so beautiful! Makes me want to go there asap :-)

  6. that is so cool that you got to live there! What were you doing while you were there?

  7. The colors in the southern hemisphere, the light, the vibrant light is incredible. I need to go to Buenos Aires. I need to go and eat Havana alfajores from the source.

  8. The colors of the houses are incredible beautiful. Very cool pictures. Thank you and have a nice week!
    allesistgut :D

  9. Is Argentina as beautifully colorful as you captured it?? I want to go NOW.

    I actually really like what you wrote about your tastes and needs changing... and I love that that your photos are evolving as well. You SO talented :)

  10. Thanks guys!

    @ Natalie, I was really just having fun. I traveled around a bit through Argentina and Chile. I hung out with friends, shopped, lounged and took some spanish classes. It was a fantastic time and I am so fortunate. I worked and saved money for a year to go live there but it also helps that its 3 pesos to the dollar so my money went far.

    @ Damaris, you must def go to eat alfajores! dulce de leche and much much more. The food is great there, mostly Italian influences and lots of meat. If you ever go I have tons of recommendations. Its best to keep it simple as far as restaurants go because I found the whole fine dining scene really not very good but the local small places are awesome! Empanadas yum!

  11. Beautiful buildings and fantastic colours! Thanks for sharing :-)

  12. I love, love, love the pic´s. They are so beautiful and I would like to go directly to Argentina.

  13. stunning images, especially since i saw some of the same places. great to see your 'eye' and perspective. as far as recommendations, where were you when i went this summer and needed recs?!! :)

  14. Arghchhe! (spontaneous noise of awe)

    Gorgeous photos- unbelievable color!
    I love your site :)


  15. Hi there!
    I also miss BA!
    I'm enjoying my holidays in Ecuador Galapagos tours but I'll return very soon!
    Caminito is so cool!

  16. I just found your blog through Paris in four months. I live in Manhattan and also lived in Buenos Aires, so these images speak to me. Beautiful!



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