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After eating lunch at Gramercy Tavern a few months ago. My photos were somehow found on the world wide web and they asked if they could use them on their sites. I happily agreed and was then approached to see if I was interested in shooting seasonally. The extremely lavish displays and well crafted food should most certainly be captured frequently. The floral displays and decor are created by a team of very talented people. As is the entire team of Gramercy, such and extraordinary group.

I have had many interactions with Union Square Hospitality Group since I moved to NYC about 5 years ago. When I moved here and was deciding on which restaurant I wanted to work in. I was deciding between a restaurant in their group or A Voce. Both incredible places but I choose A Voce merely on the fact that I knew someone and had a connection. Andrew Carmellini proved to be an incredible chef and worth their 3 stars (now he's at Locanda Verde), but I often wonder how my life would of been if I had chosen to work in one of the most amazing hospitality groups not only NYC but possibly the world. They consistently take that extra step, which makes such a great impression and makes you truly feel like they care about you. In meetings through out my life managers are always telling us how those extra steps really make a persons experience. This couldn't be any more of the case with them. I felt honored to be able to capture such an elegant and lovely environment. They care about the details in such a way I truly appreciate and it makes me proud to represent them through my eye. I hopefully will continue to shoot for them seasonally and share their beautiful world with the public. It was a truly pleasant experience working with such fantastic chefs and for them to be so kind to allow me into their GORGEOUS kitchen filled of such talented individuals. Everything is just fantastic, simply put.

Extra thanks to Kaitlin Barthmaier for being so nice to work with and to Chefs Michael Anthony and Howard Kalachnikoff you guys are truly special and inspiring.

Gramercy Tavern
42 East 20th Street
New York, NY
{Visit their Website}


  1. Beautiful photos and delicious food. They're now on my list of where to go when I finally make it to New York.

  2. The food looks so delicious. I guess this restaurant is worth a visit. Very good photos. Brilliant quality as always. Love them!
    Have a nice weekend! allesistgut

  3. Congratulations!! Your photos are beautiful. I especially love your kitchen shots!!

  4. Lovely photos! Delicious food!!

  5. Love all of these! &now I am hungry!

  6. I am in love with your photography. Makes me strive to keep taking pictures of everything.

  7. That's awesome! Your photos are fantastic!

  8. I love it! The next time I'm coming too! By

  9. congratulations! that is very flattering! your work is amazing, u r so lovely and talented! seeing those kitchen shots made me nostalgic and a little anxious, working in the kitchen at craft was both the best and the hardest at the same time, i love your photos, they really represent being there!

  10. Your photographs are so wonderful and really bring out the spirit, beauty and quiet energy of this incredible place. You have such an amazing gift! : )



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