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1/4 pound Kunik {Goat, New Jersey}
1/4 pound Morbier {Cow, France}
1/4 pound Peñacorada Queso Azul {Cow, Spain}
Mix of Spanish & French Olives
Local New York Honey
Carr's Crackers


Cheese Descriptions
from top to bottom


The Nettle Meadow Kunik is a unique and somewhat decadent cheese made from goat's milk and Jersey Cow's milk cream at Nettle Meadow Goat Farm in Thurman, New York. Nettle Meadow is a small 50 acre farm with about 100 does in the Southern Adirondacks. The Kunik is a rich wheel of a bloomy, white rind cheese that is elevated by the addition of the cow cream. The paste is moist; the flavor is tangy and buttery. We recommend that you try pairing Nettle Meadow Kunik with Champagne or other sparkling wines. Each piece weighs approximately one pound.


Morbier is an aromatic and surprisingly mild French cow's milk AOC cheese defined by the dark vein of vegetable ash streaking through it middle. Today, the ash is purely decorative, a nod to the method by which Morbier was once produced in Franche-Comté. Traditionally, the evening's fresh curds were sprinkled with ash to prevent the formation of a rind overnight. The next morning, new curds were laid upon the thin layer of ash to finish off the wheel. The wheel was then washed and rubbed by hand, forming a rind to protect the rich, creamy interior and to create a delectably stinky aroma. Morbier, which is aged for at least 60 days, pleasantly confounds expectations. Contrary to its smell, Morbier has a mild taste and leaves a wonderful, nutty aftertaste.

Peñacorada Azul

I bought this cheese from Bedford Cheese Shop. I can not find a single bit of information on this cheese. I did find out that is purveyed by a woman out of Barcelona, Spain. It comes from the town of Fuentes de Peñacorada in Cistierna, Spain. A very small maker hence why I could not find any info. The tasting quality if hints of citrus and herb. It's wrapped in leaves that have been soaked in liquor. Not bad, not bad at all :)


I paired the Kunik cheese with local honey. And I love Blue Cheese with the saltiness of olives. Super delish, if only I could find someone to help me eat it all. Cheese was purchased from Murray's Cheese Shop and Bedford Cheese Shop in NYC.


  1. Oh how lovely this looks. Especially the crackers looks delicous. Thanks for your descriptions. Very interesting! :)

  2. me too. I love cheese and olives and crackers.

  3. yummy photos! i could eat this off the page!

  4. mmmmm, i love cheese too! beautiful blog and gorgeous photos!



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