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Oh Eataly, how I love you. I fancy you so.

Where do I even begin. Eataly has so much going on its hard to even put it in perspective. Eataly has opened its doors about a month and half ago in the Flatiron District. It's an Italian Marketplace full of amazing array of vegetables, gourmet cheeses and meats, breads, pastas, restaurants, a gelataria, a wine shop, a pizzeria and more. Enter through one of the many entrances on 23rd and 24th streets. It makes Chelsea Market look like a dump, and Whole Foods a bit bland. A big collaboration including Italian chefs and restaurateurs; Mario Batali, Lidia Bastianich, and Joe Bastianich are the main faces behind it. I hear they offer classes as well as opening a beer garden on the roof that will have view of Madison Square Park. It could be overwhelming to some, since it is a 36,500 square foot space. For me it was like heaven and even brought a little tear to my eye. I wanted to eat, buy and try everything. I will be back to try all the individual restaurants. I bought some produce from them today and it turned into a fantastic meal (recipes to come). I hope you enjoy the photos I took and I highly recommend a visit.

Some of the many options they offer...

LA PIAZZA is a stand up food and drinks bar located in the center of the store and serves tastings of salami, cheeses, mozzarella and raw bar as well as wines by the glass and bottle and beer. It is available on a first come first served basis and all you need to do is go find a place at our standing tables and a server will bring you a menu and take your order and then bring you the food. La Piazza is open from 11am-10pm Mon-Sat and from noon-9:30 on Sundays.

IL PESCE is a seated counter and a table area that serves raw bar plus our own Dave Pasternack’s creative and traditional take on Italian seafood in antipasto and main course portions. There are specials written on the chalkboards that describe today’s catch.

LE VERDURE is a seated counter and a table area that serves Italian style vegetable dishes including soups, bruschetta and composed warm and cold dishes from the fertile mind of our own Elizabeth Benno. There are specials written on the chalkboard that describe today’s harvest.

IL PESCE and LE verdure and are available for dining Mon-Sat for lunch from 11:30-2:30 and 12-2:30 on Sunday, and for dinner every day from 5-9:30. To put your name on the list for a “first come first served” table please go to the seating point located near the book store.

LA PIZZA & LA PASTA share two seated counters and a table area that serves artisanal dried pastas as well as fresh pasta, including tagliatelle, lasagna and ravioli, with Alexandra Hast heading up the kitchen. At this location you can also have Rossopomodoro pizza imported directly from Napoli – pizzaiolas and all! Pizzas are individual 10” pies and are native to this part of Italy. Pizza/Pasta is open Mon-Sat from 11am-10pm, and on Sundays from 12pm-10pm.

MANZO is a more formal dining experience celebrating meat from the United States, where you can taste both modern Italian preparations as well as traditional piemontese beef antipasti as well as get a full meal including antipasti, pasta, a main course and plated desserts from the meat centric kitchen of our own Mike Toscano.

MANZO is open for lunch from 11:30-2:30(12pm on Sundays) and from 5:30-10 every night for dinner. To put your name on the list for a “first come first served” table please go to the seating point located across from the fish monger, in front of Manzo restaurant.
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You may pay for take away options directly at their individual counters.

PANINI: made fresh daily, available from 11am-3pm and from 5pm-10pm

ROSTICCERIA: choose from an assortment of carved rotisserie panini from 12pm-5pm daily, and rotisserie chicken from 12pm-10pm daily

FOCACCIA: made fresh daily, available at our bakery

PIZZA/PASTA TO GO: entrance on 24th St.


PASTICCERIA: an assortment of Eataly-made fresh daily pastries and cakes

GELATERIA: Eataly-made fresh daily gelato

CAFFE LAVAZZA: Lavazza Coffee and Eataly-made fresh daily pastries

Info from their WEBSITE

200 5th Ave between 23rd and 24th
New York, NY 10010


  1. Your photos are amazing!! I'm literally drooling looking at all these beautiful pictures of food, all the while wondering why I don't have an Eataly right around the corner from my house!

  2. wow what a great post! I feel totally prepped and prepared to go and check it out. Nice pics too!

  3. i want to go to ny just to go here! i have been reading and coveting articles! lucky you!

  4. I spent three months living in Italy while in school several years ago, and I had to peruse through the post to drool over the beautiful bounty of foods you had the pleasure of seeing! Eataly is my version of heaven on earth! Wish it was closer!

  5. Hi Nicole, thanks for stopping by :-) wow what a nice discovery,your blog is gorgeous and your pictures are just know, I am Italian so obviously a big fun of Italian food but also a big fan of New York and beautiful photography...will come back soon! Mariella x

  6. Sylvie - Gourmande in the Kitchen10/6/10, 5:43 AM

    Hi Nicole,

    Great post, that market looks amazing. You got a lot of fabulous shots!

  7. Looks very much like the one in Turin, I was there this summer and posted about it as well. Excited to go there next week, beautiful post, but it is a beautiful subject!

  8. Love the photos and your blog! I saw Eataly on CNBC, but your photos did a way better job displaying the place. Our blogs are quite similar... food, photography, and travel. Come stop by!

  9. Wow, I just got back from Italy and now you have me dying to go here! Just may have to make the trip from Boston.

  10. Lovely photos! I would make another visit to NYC *just* to go to Eataly. It really looks heavenly.

  11. woah. simply woah. your pictures are incredible and now I feel like I need to plan a NY vacation.

  12. This looks like an amazing market!

  13. I would really love to have that market nearby me. ;) I love your brilliant pictures. Very lively. Have a nice weekend!



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