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Yet another awesome space for all you foodies. I feel blessed to be surrounded with such a wide variety culinary pleasures. The streets of New York are always changing and places pop up where you might not expect. I had heard about The Brooklyn Kitchen for some time. I have been really obsessed with food stores lately. Since I am always trying to find great new items to style food with or gadgets to use in the kitchen. When my friend reminded me today to check it out. Its a good size space with a wide variety of different options. The Meat Hook is the butcher shop with large deli cases, behind a group of men slicing up meat and making a variety of homemade sausages. You are in Williamsburg remember, I will mention all of the butchers were in their 20-30s sporting mustaches and glasses. Not the traditional fat older man you would picture as your local butcher. I have heard great things about their meats and the quality.

The other portion of the store is devoted to all those awesome kitchen gadgets. You will find a large array of bad ass knives and cookware. Every tool of the trade and cookbooks. Aprons, kitchen aids and beer making kits. You name it, they got it. They offer olive oil and vinegar in bulk. Have a nice selection of cheeses and some veggies. Supporting all the main local Brooklyn food makers such as the popular Brooklyn Brine. They offer cooking classes in one of their two very large cooking labs. Finishing with upstairs everything you would need to bake up a storm. If you are in the neighborhood check them out and if you aren't then enjoy my photos and wish you were ;)

The Labs contain:

• Lab #1: a 1500sf teaching space with room for 20 hands on and 60 demonstration
• Lab #2: a 1000sf teaching space with room for 15 hands on and 35 demonstration
• The Meat Hook: a full service custom butcher shop presided over by Tom Mylan, Brent Young and Benjamin Turley
• The Bulk Room: bulk oils, vinegars, beans, rice, flour, chocolate, spices and other ingredients, sourced as locally as possible
• Our Research library: Our collection of rare and out-of-print cookbooks can be viewed for inspiration
• Brewing Supplies: Everything you need to make beer at home, including whole grains, and tools for rent
• Baking supplies: tips, pastry bags, fondant, food coloring, gelatin and more.
• The same great selection, personal attention and customer service you've come to expect at the Brooklyn Kitchen

The Brooklyn Kitchen Labs
100 Frost st
Brooklyn NY 11211
p. (718) 349-5033


  1. How nice to have all that kitchen stuff and varieties of food so close by. Great photos again.

  2. I went there on a food adventure with some friends and we bought a variety of sausages and some rabbit rillette. The Long Dong Bud is definitely worth a try! I didn't realize that there was so much variety in their classes, they even have one on wine education. Love the pictures, they make me want to go back for more!

  3. I'm so happy you like my photos:) Your photos are so beautiful! And what a cool place! I'm glad you found my blog, so I can follow yours. Have a nice weekend!



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