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I learned so much on this trip that it's hard for me to begin to explain our visit here. I will start by saying that this visit touched me close to my heart. My experience here was one like no other. I had been eager to come explore all year long and finally, I was able to. Firstly I will say that Tarrytown was such lovely place. Rich green rolling hills, beautiful homes, gardens, curvy roads that cut through the hills, view of the Hudson river in a distance. The air fresh, crisp and clean. The warm summer sun touching the stone buildings creating a golden glow. Their was a calmness in the air, I just wanted to grab a book and roll out a blanket under a tree. Summers pass perfectly in a place like this, similar to the places in my dreams. I could very easily live in this area for the rest of my life if it weren't for the brutal winters.

We were given a tour by Chef/Kitchen Director Adam Kaye, who has been with Blue Hill since 2000. His passion and love for the farm truly showed in the fantastic stories he told. He knew so much about agriculture and food, I was in awe. I want to learn this much, I want to know every type of vegetable and all about agriculture. We walked through a large greenhouse, visited with the baby Berkshire pigs, and then the very large adult Berkshire pigs. I couldnt believe the their size. In a distance I serious thought it could of been a mini rhino haha. They are so useful of everything mother nature has to give. I learned they make their own charcoal out of things such as bones, recycled corn cobs, and wood. There is really so much to tell and its hard to remember every detail.

The farm was originally owned by the Rockafellers. They used the farm to supply the entire family in the city with fresh high quality products. Where Blue Hill is located was the old dairy barn of the farm. They created a lovely banquet hall, using the old silos for beautiful staircases. The grounds are flawless, beautifully manicured lawns, well landscaped grounds of wild flowers and plants. All set inside beautiful lush rolling hills scattered with sheep grazing, wild turkeys and pigs. The people who work here seem to love it and I understand why. They treat everything with respect and it shows in the details. I am one for details so of course I was absorbing every little touch. I feel as though I should write two different entries one for our experience on the farm and the other for the most delicious meal I have had in a really long time or if ever.


As far as the food goes, well it was incredible. I have eaten at a fair share of fantastic restaurants in NYC. But I will be honest and say this is one of my favorites. Firstly you have a few choices, a five or eight course. With an optional cheese course in addition. On the left side of the menu is a printed sheet of everything that is in season. Not knowing what you will receive but informing the server of any dietary restrictions or preferences. I will say that our server seriously kicked ass. Can I say that? Well yes he did. He was so passionate, intelligent and knew every detail. And here I thought I was passionate about food. He was a true talent and really made our night a memorable experience. Since I am a pescatarian I will also mention how catering they were to me. I figured it wouldn't be a problem, since they do grow mostly vegetables and it being summer in it's fullest swing. They prepared so many very elegant dishes for me. I didn't feel overly full, weighed down and heavy. I felt light and that I could keep eating. My palate was exploring new flavors and was very pleased. It was a great feeling having such an incredible food experience and not feeling like you wanted to pass out. Wine was excellent as well. Everything prefect. One last thing that really grabbed my attention and I appreciated was this tea cart. They have this lovely assortment of fresh cut herbs. I would say about 20 herbs, wheeled out on a cart, to be hand picked and steeped in water. A lovely, refreshing and delicate experience. Just beautiful. I will write a list of all the dishes we received, we lost count. I took as many photos as I could while the lighting was decent. I wasn't satisfied with about half of the pics of food so I didn't post them, sorry. Also I was truly enjoying myself half way through and I couldn't be bothered. :) Hope you enjoy and I highly recommend going to visit them and to read more about everything they offer check out their WEBSITE.

Amuse Included:

Baby Corn Tempura with Apple Mustard
Squash with Sesame
Assorted Baby Vegetables
Sweet Corn Soup
Tomato Burgers
Crispy Kale

Summer Fruits & Vegetables (Heirloom Tomatoes, Purslane, Peach, Cucumbers, Grapes, Fennel and Burrata)
Red Fife Bread with Homemade Ricotta & Zucchini Marmalade
Roasted Kelsae Onions with Beets, Blueberries, Olive Tapenade, and Spring Vegetable Puree
Wild Striped Bass with Wild Corn & Shellfish

A delicious cheese course with Pickled Ramps & Peach Chutney
Sacher Torte with Preserved Strawberries and Rhubarb Sorbet

Thank you to everyone at Blue Hill for such an incredible time.


  1. I love your blog!
    This looks so delicious!

    Have a nice time!

  2. This all looks wonderful, what beautiful photos!

  3. Your blog is so beautiful Nicole! Good job!

  4. Amazing; I have been wanting to visit Blue Hill for a long long time...

  5. I just came across Dan Barber's TED talk from 2006, which inspired me so much I researched his restaurant only to learn about Blue Hill and Stone Barns, which you just wrote about! After reading this post, I'm definitely putting the farm on my must-visit list when I'm out there in late-Sept! Can't wait to check it out!

  6. Oh this is a place I would love to go! (Your pictures are beautiful!) Everything looks and sounds beautiful + yummy - great post!



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